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If you are looking for one of the most sought-after faux loc styles with the most realistic natural look, then look no further than Nu Locs. Out of every loc style collection, no other hairstyle is more popular than these locs!


Our Nu Locs collections are the embodiment of a more real-looking faux loc. It puts realism on classic faux loc looks. With a natural kinky distressed look – that screams luxury!

Nu locs hair colors synthetic faux locs for sale and checkout.

The word “Nu” has been used throughout history in the Greek language and scientific measurements. A Nu value is a specific reflectiveness value of constringent. Our Nu Locs collection offers some of the most natural and realistic-looking reflectiveness for crochet hair locs on the market. 

The fibers selected for our Crochet Nu locs are specifically made and chosen because of their natural kinky texture and light reflectivity. The natural luster and low sheen provide a more realistic and natural texture that is hard to find in many other faux locs crochet hairs. 

Check out some of these graphics for a better visual representation of FAUX NU LOCS


When it comes to Nu locs, we only select the most premium synthetic fibers. Here are some of the main characteristics we look for when creating our nu locs crochet hair extensions. 


Once we have the fibers selected, we move on to our nu locs hair color options. 


Styling a realistic-looking loc with the right hair colors wasn’t easy, but we think we got it right. Right now, we have two popular nu faux loc styles—the 18 INCH NU LOCS and the beautiful 20 INCH GODDESS NU LOCS. We plan to add more types like MICRO LOCS AND SPRING TWIST NU LOCS.

In the 18 INCH NU LOCS, we of these loc hair color options:

  1. (1B) BLACK
  2. (613)Blonde
  3. (530) Burgundy
  4. (T530) Wine Burgundy
  5. (T30) Medium Auburn
  6. (T27) Honey Blonde
Black hand holding burgundy nu locs bobbi boss hair on grey and light background.

In the 20 INCH GODDESS NU LOC Collection we offer these hair color options:

  1. (1B) Off Black
  2. (T27) Honey Blonde
  3. (T30) Medium Auburn
  4. (530) Burgundy
All goddess nu locs crochet hair packs colors for show on info graphic.

Loc colors with Color codes that start with the letter “T” Have a light ombre fading technique that is mainly noticeable at the tips for a more realistic appearance. 

Once we have the color is chosen and the fibers ready, we wrap them up nicely with ancient wrapping techniques. We make sure to leave an easy hair tip loop that allows for effortless installation. Check out below on how some examples before we dive into how you can DIY!

Two colors of nu locs 18 inch hair extensions on pretty black girl model with faux loc hair accessories.
Blonde 18 inch nu locs hair on light skin model with short red hair.


Installing Nu locs is effortless and straightforward. All Nu locs come with a pre-looped design at the top of the crochet hair loc that allows for quick and easy attachment. Follow along as we help you knock out a complete head design in under 2 hours!

You will need a crochet tool and experience with braiding hair.


  1. Before anything else, go ahead and wash your head, scalp, and natural hair to get rid of any build-up and prepare for the cleanest base design.
  2. Once your hair has adequately dried, you will need to manage your hair up into either a cornrow or box braid design that will adequately hold each crochet hair loc. If you choose a cornrow design, you should make sure the braiding patterns are nice and flat while still feeling comfortable. 
  3. Each Nu locs crochet hair extension is installed individually. Grab your crochet Needle or latch hook device and stick the hook underneath a cornrow braid or at the bottom of one of your box braids. It’s better to start near the rear of the head and work your way forward. 
  4. Once the hook has completely clear through the hair, go ahead and place one of the nu locs premade loops over and then pull the entire crochet braiding hair back through the entry point. Loop the nu loc and pull it tight for a completed installment of one loc
  5. If you are doing this with box braids, you will need to unravel the nu loc slightly and place the hook through the center. Then you will attach the hook to your braid and pull it through the loc to finish the design. 
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until you have completely installed all the locs. 



Nu locs are fantastic because they require the least amount of maintenance while lasting the longest. Nu locs can last up to 3 1/2 months or 15 weeks!


It’s all about your roots when it comes to nu loc maintenance, and we’re not talking about African roots. 

  • Clean your roots and scalp with a residue-free and dread shampoo. Ensure to completely clarify those roots and get rid of any build-up or lint like the “infamous white stuff.” 
  • Use natural nourishment to moisturize your roots. Ingredients like Aloe, Canter oil, and coconut oil are great moisturizers that will help your roots maintain moisture and prevent them from drying out. 
  • Retwist and braid roots and baby hairs for a cleaner and professional look. The demons are in the details, so take your time and do it right. 
Long brown nu locs installed in waterfall hairstyle updo on perfect shiny black female model.


The best part about nu locs is the water-resistant fibers that dry quickly. Unlike human hair fibers, the unique strands selected for nu locs do not absorb water like typical hair. These fibers are safe to get wet and work better after an excellent rinse.

All nu locs have excellent hot water setting capability. This means when you need to help reduce frizz or refreshen your look, you can simply rinse them in a nice bath and then blow dry them. Once they are dry, dip the locs individually into warm water that is not boiling. Pull the locs out after a quick dip and hand roll the locs to help intertwine loose hairs. Repeat for those more challenging locs. 


Nu locs install easily and remove effortlessly. No more wasted time at the salon getting each locs hand made finish and removed. The best part about these Nu locs is the fact that you can remove them on your own!

Just locate the knot that was tied at the attachment point of the crochet hair loc. Then simply untie the knot or cut with scissors and unravel with your fingertips. If you need a little more help head on over to our “HOW YOU CAN TAKE DOWN FAUX LOCS BLOG” post for all your visual needs!


Most frequent questions and answers

These amazing locs will last up to 3 1/2 weeks with proper maintenance and hair care. 

Single packs of nu locs hair comes with 21 individual strands. Each strand is pre-looped and ready to install upon delivery. 

​The qty of strands for a medium to large-sized head hairstyle is about 120-140 strands—That’s 6 Packs of Nu Locs. 

The nu locs collections use specific soft locs crochet hair that feels natural and smooth on your skin. 

​The qty of strands for a medium to large-sized head hairstyle is about 120-140 strands—That’s 6 Packs of Nu Locs. 

The nu locs collections use specific soft locs crochet hair that feels natural and smooth on your skin. 

Once an order makes it past checkout through confirmed payment, We typically ship products ordered before 3pmon a business day, the same day. This is sometimes quicker than amazon. 

Nu locs are beautiful and look even better when combined with other loc style favorites like Boho, butterfly locs, passion twist, and goddess faux locs. 

When styling your head, attach crochet nu locs synthetic hair directly to your natural hair. when using a lace front wig, attach the locs to the lace wig after creating a stable base.

Nu locs look great in all medium to large sizes. This would be your Nu locs 14 inches, Nu locs 18 inches, and Nu locs 24 inches. 

The average price is $50-&100 for a full head of hair, which is usually 6-8 packs of synthetic dreads. Ultimately, the cost of Nu loc will depend on how many strands and what length and color you would like. 


We hope reading this insightful article on Nu locs helps you with your quest to look for a natural textured imitation dreadlock with lovely wraps with lots of updo potential.

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