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Crochet Faux Locs

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Faux locs have been in the protective hairstyle trends for a while now and it is really popular among women all over the globe. Not only they protect your natural hair but also looks really gorgeous on everyone. They are not just limited to women. Men get them too. If you wish to get that dreadlocks look but you are not in for that long-term commitment then faux locs is your go to solution. They are really easy to get installed on your natural hair and they come in a variety of options so you have a lot to choose from. You can choose in different lengths, different colors and don’t even get us started on the thousands of ways to style them. You can check our other blogs for some major hairstyle inspiration and try them on your own.


Now it may seem that as easy as they are to get installed on your mane, but for some it may take up to many hours to get them down. It becomes a very painful and time-consuming process as well which may ruin your mood. We have heard many women complaining about the long hours it takes to get these locs down. When we heard about this, we thought how can this be?

Since they are so easy to install, the reverse should also be true! And it actually is. After doing some research on it myself, I found out they it is not as tough as it seems to be. It’s all about doing it with the right technique. Unlike the other protective hairstyles, faux locs are done by wrapping synthetic hair around your natural hair so the technique for taking them down will also be a little different than the technique for taking down other protective hairstyles like braids or twists or cornrows etc.

You can also check out some videos on YouTube on how to take down faux locs naturally.

Moisture friendly removal

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The key to getting a good faux locs installed is to always keep your mane moisturized so that the locs can get installed easily without any fuss. And so is the key to take them down – moisturization. Many stylists have recommended to keep your locs and your hair highly moisturized throughout the whole process of taking them down. Moisturization of your faux locs is important as it helps in preventing them from getting tangled and locked again. What you have to do is take spray bottle, fill it with half parts conditioner and half parts water and spritz it all over your mane. Now start by gently snipping the end of locs and carefully unravelling the locs from your natural hair. After removing each locs, again spritz it with lots of conditioner or you can also take the conditioner in a bowl and dip your locs in it. You can use a leave in conditioner as well. This technique is hardly going to take you 15 to 20 seconds for a single loc to get it out from your mane. It is really fuss free and doesn’t even takes a lot of your time too. After removing all the locs you can also put a hair oil or a leave in conditioner in your natural hair to seal the moisture in and also to prevent your natural hair from getting tangled.

Cut and Unravel your Locs

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Another very easy to use technique to remove your faux locs from your mane is to as you can sense by the heading is cut and then unravel. What you have to do in this method is to slightly cut the ends of your faux locs and then unravel the whole strand. This technique may take a little longer than the previous one but ultimately this is going to help you in taking down your faux locs. You can use this technique when you have properly moisturized your mane and your locs before the installation. If you want you can detangle your natural hair simultaneously while unravelling the locs. But this may consume a little more time. But in the end, you will definitely get some fuss free removal of your faux locs.

We hope this article would have been of a great help to you and provided you with the easiest and a less time consuming solution in taking down your faux locs.

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