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Faux locs and dreadlocks are among some of the most popular hairstyles right now and have been among the top trends for quite a while now. Faux locs come in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors. Dreadlocks come in naturally over time but still can be styled if done correctly. What we’re trying to say is, when it comes to loc styles, YOU HAVE OPTIONS

Faux locs bob style with a beautiful black girl model as the header graphic.


Bob faux locs styles offer a short, lightweight style that looks and feels luxurious. The bob look typically consists of the earlobe to shoulder-length strands that range from 2 – 12 inches. This style iconically has shorter bangs in the front. This style is most recognized from the 1963 “Cleopatra” movie starring Elizabeth Taylor.

Nu locs faux loc style header featured graphic image with black hair and black girl


Nu locs are the style you grab when you want to go for a realistic loc style that offers natural kinks, texture, and gypsy vibes. These locs range in size, thickness, color, and texture. 

Boho faux locs crochet hair extensions header graphic

BOHO (Bohemian) LOCS

The boho locs style is a fan favorite for a lot of us here at Crochetfauxlocs.com. The bohemian vibe incorporates techniques from the most remote islands with looks from the best coastal beaches. This look usually includes a blend of natural brown, blonde, and honey blonde colors to create a loc that closely resembles the texture of a Nu Loc. 

Butterfly faux locs crochet hair extensions graphic image with beautiful black model.


Butterfly faux locs styles are unique due to the large distressed loops found throughout the loc strands. The added loop creates a thicker strand that feels softer to the touch and will always catch your eye. 

Goddess faux locs styles with beautiful african american female as the main header graphic.


The goddess faux locs style is more recognized as the style famously worn by Meghan Good and created by celebrity hairstylist Dr. Kari Williams. This loc style involves wrapping long hair tresses with soft braiding hair in a spiral fashion. The braiding hair is stopped 3inches from the hair tips and sealed accordingly. The leftover wavy tress ends are left untouched and unsealed to leave an open curly end.

Gypsy faux locs style with light skin model wearing long gypsy locs.


The gypsy locs style is more of a concept rather than a physical technique or pattern. Gypsy faux locs styles come in all available sizes and colors. The style blends various textures that closely resemble bob locs, boho locs, and mermaid locs. These locs are often paired with faux loc accessories to complete the look. 

Mermaid faux locs style header graphic with persian woman model as the main image.


Mermaid faux loc styles are a combination of classic faux loc hairstyles and an added wavy tresses. Creating this style involves first finishing a complete faux loc install. Once the locs are entirely added, the individual sections of wavy hair are then crocheted between each loc. This increases the density of hair and thickness. 

Long river faux locs header graphic image.


The locs used in a river faux locs hairstyle is a hybrid of a loc and braiding hair. The two hair extensions are intertwined to create a single loc with loose wavy hairs flowing out in a fashionable pattern. 

Sisterlocks style hairstyles crochet hair - crochet faux locs


Sisterlock’s hairstyles are similar to micro locs. The tightly twisted sister locks are typically thinner than a pencil and feel like yarn or rope. The hair used is preferably kinkier, like Marley hair. This style involves using 40-60 loc strands to complete one hairdo.


To fairly judge a faux loc style, you must fully understand certain criteria and what to look for. We use a variety of elite key factors to complete this assessment. Below we have shared those key factors to help educate on what we think you should look for before purchasing any faux loc packs;

Info graphic photo of understanding key factors of faux locs styles
  1. Quality
  2. Brand
  3. Cost
  4. Length
  5. Maintenance Needs
  6. Install Time
  7. Longevity


A messy or cheap look can be embarrassing. You never want to sacrifice quality even if it means saving a few bucks. Take it from us, the price will work itself out in the end. Cheaper quality loc styles will need more work and not last as long. 


No matter how well you maintain, protect, and retouch a loc style if it’s not made to last, it won’t. Hair twist styles like passion twist and Senegalese twist are not going to last as long as crochet river locs or boho locs


It’s hard to know who you can trust these days. Some brands are from overseas. These companies might not practice the same health and safety measures as we do in America. Research who you are buying hair from and support local businesses. 


When shopping for hair you will come across a wide variety of prices ranging from cheap to luxury expensive. Its important to find a happy medium between cost and quality. 


Finding your right length for your style is going to make a big difference in your comfortability and confidence. Grab a loc length you’re familiar with and go from there. 


Hairstyles come in all shapes and styles. Some of these styles are going to tangle or frizz up quicker than others. It is important to get a great style that works with your hair regimen and hair care routine. 


A basic crochet faux loc style is going to take about an hour to install. This will start to go up when you are adding intricate pieces and accessories. Styles like goddess locs and hair twists that are not pre-made are going to take a lot of time to do. 

When it comes to a good loc style, there are no shortcuts. Check out this photo gallery of some hairstyle inspiration to better understand what suitable faux loc styles should look like!


Still, looking for some trendy inspiration? Check out WithloveSB and her tutorial video. She has curated a collection of the latest loc styles for you that you can create with the same locs installed. These hairstyles suit every face shape and color. She has added hairstyles with new and vibrant colors, ponytails, buns, trendy bobs, and more. Spend some time on this video for some awesome looks. Imagine your face with each of these faux locs hairstyles and you will get to know what’s in trend and what’s not.

Faux locs are a great way to achieve that glamourous look without putting in all the effort and the amount of time you spend on blow drying and styling your hair. If you have been wanting to get that dread look for a long time, check out some of the trendiest faux locs hairstyles celebrities are choosing to blam their hair.


Faux loc styles are making there way onto the big screen. We are starting to see “A” list celebrities rocking some of the most popular loc style hair looks.


We don’t like to name drop but famous celebs like Rihanna, Zendaya, and Meagan Good have been seen wearing some of these popular updos. Head on over to our Celeb-Inspired Faux Locs hairstyles article 



Check out our list of some of 2021s hottest faux loc styles that are definitely going to be making waves in 2022. Get them first to be ahead of the bandwagon. 


No hairstyle can go without mentioning these beautiful bouncy curls that closely resemble spring twists. Curls are a great way to instantly glam up your look and give your mane quite a volume. They are easy to wear and maintain as well.

Curly faux locs


There are always these days in your life where you feel like doing nothing. This hairstyle is just perfect for those lousy days to make you feel instantly pretty and it doesn’t even take much of your time. You can twist you locs into a French braid or a normal braid and then either twist them into a bun or just leave them be.

Briaded half-updo


This is one of the simplest yet the chicest way that gives your mane that extra oomph. A side braid just gives you all the mermaid feels. If you dyed your locs in different colors it is the perfect way to flaunt them as well.

Side braid faux locs


For those days when you want to draw extra attention to your facial features or your perfectly shaped wing or a cut crease, a high bun is your go-to hairstyle. It’s going to give you all those Queen Bee feels, trust us.

High bun faux locs


A classic way to show off all the hues in your mane is by pulling them all up in an updo. It’s perfect for the summers. The higher, the better. With an all-new river locs design you can finally get that mix of loose strands and pre-made locs. 

Two toned updo


Shaving the side of your head has been a trend for quite a few years and trust us it is here to stay. The shaved side gives a very edgy look to your long locs and makes them really stand out. Be bold and shave it up with the help of some gypsy locs to really roc that adventurous feel. 

Long locs plus shaved side head faux locs


You can never go wrong with a bob. A shoulder-length bob flattering those collar bones in the summers is probably the best hairstyle you can opt for right now. If you have a rounder face then you can also add a top knot in your bun. You can glam up your bob by adding some hair jewelry to it.

Faux locs bob


If after looking at those popular styles, and you’re still searching, then look at these classic loc styles. It might seem hard to believe, but most new stylings take something from a classic look and revamp it. 

The most basic faux locs styles use a regular backcombed loc with a unique color. Changing up that classic loc with curly ends can give you a boho vibe. Wrapping the locs instead of backcombing gives you a goddess loc, and adding a strand of hair gives you a gypsy loc or mermaid loc vibe.

Of course, you can still go with classic color options like black, lilac, magenta, brown, blonde, pink, red, and bronde ( a mixture of brown and blonde).  There are many colors to choose from but these seem to be the most popular amongst the woman readers. 

Trust us, these colors paired with any of the versatile hairstyles out there will have you breaking necks all summer long.  And you wanna know about the cherry on the top – it’s reversible! If you don’t like your look, it takes no time at all to undo those locs and start something new. And there’s so much more you can do with your locs. If you don’t like them plain you add some bling to them by adding hair jewelry to them. 

There are so many different kinds of hair jewelry available in the market in today’s time.

Again, you can’t go wrong with the classicshair cuffs and hair strings. You can decorate these with colorful threads, rings and shell jewelry. Simple accessories will take bohemian locs and turn them into beachy boho vibes. You can always check out our complete list of accessories on our faux loc accessories page. 


With all these new faux loc style inspirations you will need to choose the right color combination to pair perfectly with your new look! Check out some of these awesome colors to help you decide. 


A perfectly brown color dyed bun is a perfect hairstyle for a girl on the go. It’s super easy to do and glams up your look when heading to the gym or running around doing all kinds of errands.

Light brown locs in a bun


Red locs is a fierce color. A red mane gives you confidence, making you look all bossy and classy at the same time. You can show off your mane by leaving your locs just be or tying them up in an updo.

Red locs updo


Let’s face it, pastels are one of the hottest trends right now and everyone is drooling over it. Who said you can only rock the pastel trend in your clothes and makeup? Add a pop of color to your mane like this and you will just be all over the gram.

Lilac faux locs


Wasn’t there a time in your life when all you wanted were those beautiful blonde locs that Beyoncé fashioned? Now is the time to do it. To find your perfect blonde and rock that mane with style.

Blonde faux locs


Or should we call it Bronde locs. A new term that is used for a mixture of brown and blonde. You can totally rock a mane that has dark roots with blonde locs. It looks super cool.

Brown and blonde locs


Hair jewelry is a perfect way to instantly glam up your look. A burgundy faux loc colored mane sets a perfect backdrop for golden colored jewelry. It looks really stunning and is going to look very pretty in the summers.

Burgundy colored locs with golden cuffs


Bright and colorful faux locs

Once you choose the style that will flatter your face the most, you can let your imagination go wild. Go experimenting! This stunning look was achieved by wrapping kanekalon hair around your natural braided or twisted hair. A bright hue looks great and will be perfect for those Instagram-worthy pictures.

Top 5 1 - crochet faux locs


You can never really go wrong with medium faux locs. They have no disadvantages. As they are a protective hairstyle, they give your natural hair the much-needed rest that they deserve. Well, to be honest, a waist-length hairstyle like this might feel heavy on your head but again it also depends on what kind of hair you are going to use to achieve it. But we women are ready to take some pain for such a gorgeous look, isn’t it?

Top 5 2 - crochet faux locs


Goddess locs really go by their name. They look heavenly. And when stylized they take your hairstyle game to the next level. A gorgeous look like this can be achieved by pulling your beautiful goddess locs in a high updo and Viola you are good to go. This half updo maybe won’t look as good when it’s done with natural hair but look at this hairstyle.

Top 5 3 - crochet faux locs


A colorful textured half-up hairstyle would be a perfect option to go for this summer. Kanekalon hair gives you exactly the same look. You can buy some colored faux locs or color some faux locs according to your style and then wear them on your mane. You can be as creative as you want and choose the brightest colors that you like for your mane.

Top 5 4 - crochet faux locs


The classiest of them all is the goddess locs. We can’t stress enough how much we are in love with this hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that is made from natural hair and looks really pretty on everyone. There are faux goddess locs available too which look exactly like natural hair. You can also style them by putting some blingy hair accessories in them. Don’t hesitate to experiment with various styling options available for faux locs today and go be your fabulous self.

Top 5 5 - crochet faux locs


We hope this article would have been really helpful and has given you some serious inspiration and major hair goals to stylize your luscious locs this summer season. Till then, stay fabulous.

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