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Midway international Inc, is the creator of the famous Bobbi Boss hair extension brand of products. Midway international is based in the United States and claims to be the largest hair product distributor in the world.  Midway International has been around since 1985 (30+ years) distributing hair products such as wigs, weaves, braids, extensions, hairpieces, and faux locs.


Bobbi Boss Nu Locs are becoming very famous in the hair community. Their reputation for a standard of hair quality can be very appealing to many customers, no to mention that they have an extreme variety of hair extension loc styles and loc colors to choose from.

2013 hair show bobbi boss nu locs hair show on stage with thousands of black people and faux locs


This type of dreadlock styled hair is a direct imitation of natural locs.  They are fake dreadlock hair extensions to be a little more specific.  Faux locs are made to be real in appearance but unfortunately, they’ll always have that hand-made feel unless you plan on dropping some major coin for real human hair crochet locs.

Many people want dreadlocks without commitment also known as going through the entire loc journey; or just don’t have that full head of long hair to start off dreads naturally. Dreadlocks can take a lot of time, maintenance, and attention.

Black female models wearing red and black bobbi boss origin clip on 7 crochet faux locs

If you are not ready for dreadlocks then faux locs can be a great option to avoid the wait. They can also give you that extra amount of hair needed to create that wonderful loc style you have always been wanting. The awesome thing about these synthetic hair locs is that they are sold in “ready to install” pre-looped packs of hair.


The BOBBI BOSS Nu Locs hair usually comes with or in pre-made loops. The loop helps with attaching the hair to cornrows or box braids. The loop can be hidden after the locks are attached. Some styles don’t require a pre-loop like styles of sister locs and twists. Locs smaller than micro locs usually don’t use a pre-loop and rather use a twisting technique.


You can purchase Nu locs in Many different blends and mixes. The two main hair types you can choose from are:

  • Human hair
  • Synthetic hair

These hair types are then blended, dyed, and styled to create all the different hairpieces.

Three black women wearing knotless passion twist and messi faux locs crochet faux loc hair in ombre colors

Bobbi Boss caries many different braiding hair extensions and collections. Here is a list of some of their more popular African Roots braid collections:

  • BobbiBoss Braids
  • Boss Bundle (human hair)
  • Miss Origin

You can create hairstyles out of any kind of stranded materials. Some fiber strands are organic and some artificially created. They come in different mixes of natural hair, synthetic hair, yarn, and human hair. The different hairs created usually work great when you want to attach with crochet braids.


Synthetic fibers are created in a factory. They are made with mixtures of different polymers to create strands. The strands are created to resemble specific types of hair. 

Black model wearing weaving from bobbi boss crochet faux locs hair and hair extensions in light blonde brown colors

Because human hair has to be grown and can’t be made, it’s rare. Synthetic hair can be made instead to meet the demand. Synthetic fibers can also be designed for heat protection and to hold many different structural forms.


When natural strands are more like human characteristics they can be used instead. Strands from organic materials and non-organic materials are great for making yarn. Yarns have natural textures that help stylists achieve great realistic-looking hairstyles. Yarn can come from animals and plants and by using different textures and lengths, this further helps create very specific hair styling options.  At the end of the day, yarn is great for creating original and fluffy loc styles!


  • Virgin Hair refers to completely unprocessed and intact human hair.  It’s not been bleached, permed, dyed, processed, or chemically altered. It’s usually more expensive because of how rare the hair is and how it can be made in a factory; this limits the supply.
  • Remy Hair is human hair collected directly from a hair donor with the cuticle still intact. Remy Hair can be either virgin or non-virgin. As long as the hair is still intact and not damaged you can call it Remy
Straight from the bobbi bobbi website is a clip art of the bobbi boss wig in purple ombre colors.

Remy hair can be dyed or chemically altered to give it a different look.


Hair stylings and hair extensions can get really tangled up at night because of all the tossing and turning we do during our sleep.  The pillow will really ruffle your locs. Luckily, we have tips for protecting those styles!


It could be as simple as the wrong pillowcase! Did you get a pillowcase with a low thread count is made up of cheap cotton?  Your hair will not appreciate this forced nightly hangout.  Cotton fibers are great at grabbing onto your loose strands and pulling them out of place.

Every single turn of your sleepy head is a chance for more unfortunate mishaps to your nu faux locs crochet hair.  And lastly, cotton isn’t the most breathable fabric, which could lead to retaining extra, unwanted heat on your scalp.


Stop the hair movement. If your hair cant move, it cant shift out of place, and it can’t get tangled up in a mess. Locs that are kept tightly together will always:

Two models of african descent wearing beautiful bobbi boss active wigs that have faux locs crochet hair
  • look better
  • be easier to maintain
  • last longer

The best way to protect hair extensions is to wrap them up and put them in a bonnet while you sleep and shower. Trying to wash hair and sleep without roughing up hair can be difficult. Luckily you can wrap those hairs up and protect them. Definitely want to protect those premium fiber hair nu locs!


When fibers are brushed up against other materials the hair strands’ cuticles can be affected by the abrasion. This will cause a small part of the hair strands to get damaged. Hair can’t regrow cuticles in place of lost ones. When you damage hair cuticles the cortex is revealed and this can be permanent.

Materials that cause abrasions are not smooth and rough to the touch. This can be pillowcases, brushes, or even certain hats. A known product that is smoother and less abrasive is silk. Silk is soft textures but not slippery. Silk products can help reduce damage to the hair if used in place of other rougher textiles.

Styling hairstyles with bobbi boss nu locs amazon crochet faux locs


There are many studies on the benefits of using hydrotherapy on various systems of the body. The great thing about hair is that hot water has the ability to relax hair cuticles and allow strands to slip closer together and lock tighter with less frizz. This has been an awesome and very commonly used solution for controlling all the different crochet hair curly nu loc styles.

Black girl three some models wearing butterfly locs crochet faux locs bobbi boss hair extensions

In layman’s termsuse hot water to tighten up those curly tips and the name of this specific hair hydrotherapy technique is called hot water setting.

For best results and to get to experience that excellent hot water setting effect, we recommend dipping your locs in hot water and then allowing your hair to dry and settle back down together naturally. This can help when handling curly wavy locs. The hair only needs to be dipped and left to dry. Gravity and the water tension as you remove the locs will do the rest.


Yes, hot water setting helps you style your hair without using the product or burning the tips. Many styles don’t seal their tips and instead use more natural techniques to give you that natural look. This can be achieved with knotless braids or hot water treatment. This can be safer than adding chemicals to your hair or altering the material’s composition.

A lot of stylings require a rubber band or a sealing method to hold the styles. A lot of stylists use hair glue or wax to stop hair strands from untwisting. This can damage the hair and stop it from being reused.  Knotless braid stylings like boho and goddess locs don’t seal the hair. Instead, they use an interlocking method to hold the ends from unraveling. It seems like no matter what you do, they always unravel unless you seal the tips.

Luckily a lot of hairs are hot water safe. Hot water can help relax hair and help lock with close strands. On most synthetic hairs like kanekalon and Bobbi Boss, they come with a hot water set technology.

Bobbi boss nu locs style selection hair being modeled on three black girls while wearing formal event clothing



16-36 strands/locs pcs Per Pack.  This is a wide range of locs, but directly, Bobbi Boss does have lots of options with all different styles, sizes, densities, hair types, and lengths of loc packs.  We’ve seen less dense hairstylings offer 16-24 per pack, while other styles like goddess locs and bohemian locs might offer 36 strands per pack.


Freetress is a brand from Shake-n-go, a hair extension established in 1991.  Freetress hair is synthetic hair that’s been treated in such a way that the hair turns out to look and feel like soft locs.  In our personal opinion, synthetic hair works better and is easier to install in comparison to twist braids.  One of the things that we love about freetress hair is that it always looks great when you use the crochet interlocking attachment technique with natural hair to give you a seamless transition between hairstyles.


You won’t be able to order the locs straight from the Bobbi Boss website. They only manufacture the product and sell directly to distributors. You will only be able to purchase products through their approved vendors. There are many trusted sellers of Bobbi Boss brand hairpieces and you already know that we here at have your back.


We are going to break this down for you letter by letter, which is as followed:

  • The “B” stands for BobbiBoss
  • The “NU” stands for Nu
  • The “LC” stands for Locs
  • The “18 stands for 18-inches

This sequence of letters and numbers is known as a product SKU.  Companies use SKU’s to organize their products in categories, subcategories, colors, lengths, sizes, and any other variation possible.


Bobbi boss products can be a great option for any hair connoisseur. Their wide variety of products and everything we have discussed should, at minimum, point anyone looking to try some new hairstyles in the right direction.  Don’t checkout just yet because we’ve got a special article for you!  Click here for the most trendy and latest crochet faux loc hairstyle ideas!

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions concerning our article, please share them by leaving a comment below! 

Happy Loc’ing!


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