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What Are They?

Red Faux locs refer to a hair color variation of Faux locs. Faux locs are an “imitation dreadlock” or “fake locs” and are to look like natural hairstyles. Usually, the locs or hair extensions are crocheted with a special tool into cornrows or box braids. Curly ends of hairs are neatly gelled down and sectioned off.

A lot of stylists are regular DIY neighborhood cosmetologists so the styles are always changing with hair ideas. Most are self-taught off locs tutorials, so it’s not a hard hairstyle to learn. Red Faux Locs can be used in many protective hairstyles.

Burgundy faux red crochet dreadlocks hair on beautiful black african queen standing infant of flower background.

A little FYI, all faux locs hairstyles start off close to the same way.

Black teen solo with tied long red crochet faux locs hair

Red is a very popular color choice for faux locs. Faux locs can be made with mixtures of human hair, and also synthetic hair. This gives customers many choices to create different texture strains and looks.

Red always shines better on synthetic hair and red always brings the texture out more on wavy and curly locs.


If you are looking for the best quality red, burgundy, maroon, and deep wine burgundy faux locs, make sure to stop by our shop for the best selection of red loc colors by clicking the button below!

A Few Reasons To Choose The Color Red

It symbolizes confidence as well as courage. Not everybody can rock and pull off a red mane. If you’re thinking of getting a full red mane then you go girl. You are going to look at your chicest self, we assure you. A red mane is fierce, bold, and a lot of fun.

You can either fashion complete red locs or you can also add some twists and some blonde highlights with them.

Black red crochet faux locs bun hair - crochet faux locs

Yes, you heard us right. Blonde.

Red black burgundy crochet hair - crochet faux locs

Red locs with blonde faux locs hue looks gorgeous as hell!  If you don’t want to add some highlights then there are a lot of options in the red color family as well.

Specific Color Variations of Red:

  • Strawberry
  • Ginger
  • Copper
  • Burgundy
  • Auburn

These are all considered “red colors”.

 To learn more about burgundy faux locs click here.

Purple burgundy goddess crochet gypsy faux locs hair extensions asin amazon.

Red Loc Styles To Consider

There are many different hairstyles to choose from, so before you lock in the 3-month faux loc hairstyle commitment, we recommend giving this list of red faux loc styles a try:

Cherry red crochet faux locs hair extensions dreadlocks - crochet faux locs

Styles + Colors That Go Great With Red Faux Locs

Young black female wearing jumbo red goddess crochet faux locs hair.


How do I maintain my Red Locs at night?

Your beautiful red locs will receive their harshest battle at night. The amount of damage depends on the materials you sleep on, and the amount of tossing and turning you do throughout the night. Switch to silk pillowcases and bedsheets that will help reduce friction and frizz. 

Will these faux locs damage my hair?

Faux locs are a protective hairstyle. You only run the risk of causing damage when you over manipulate, use harsh products, don’t maintain your hair, and add too much tension. Installing locs appropriately and maintaining your hair care correctly is going to reduce any potential for damage to occur.

How many Red Faux Loc Packs Will I need?

8-10 packs with 24 strains per pack
We recommend getting 5 of one texture, and 5 of another texture. When braiding or crocheting faux locs, you shouldn’t need many packs. especially since every pack comes with on average, 24 strains per pack. Depending on how dense you want your hair, you usually don’t section more than 18 sections.

Red Goddess faux locs with curly hair?

To achieve goddess locs you can use many different colors and textures. Goddess locs have a signature curly end. We don’t recommend using a Red Faux locs in goddess locs because of the colors. Goddess locs are a more natural hairstyle look. 

You twist hair and leave a knotless wavy end. When you add Red faux locs the style tends to look more like gypsy locs. Gypsy locs resemble goddess locs because of the extra strain of hair added near the roots on gypsy locs.

Red burgundy faux locs space buns - crochet faux locs

Should you use mousse on Red Locs?

We have a love-hate relationship with mouse products. Most top brands use alcohol, which, as you should know, dries out faux locs and your natural hair and adds as an adhesive to grab lint and other contaminants that contribute to scalp build-up.
If you must use a mouse, reach for an alcohol-free hair product and use it sparingly.

Can I keep Faux locs in forever?

Red faux locs are intended to be a temporary styling. These locs look natural and can last up to 10 weeks with proper hair care and low maintenance. Faux locs worn after 10 weeks become very hard to remove as your natural hair will start to root though the locs and become permanent. 

What kind of braiding hair is used for Red faux locs?

Red faux locs use the highest quality fiber strands to complete every loc. Most brands will use a kanekalon or Marley hair fiber to create this look because of the color retention. Many black women with long hair prefer the red faux locs because of the high-quality color and texture.


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