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Dreadlock wigs can be used in cosplay, Halloween costumes, and hairpieces. Dreadlock wigs are removable hairpieces covered in bundles of hair held together by matting or braiding.

You can purchase these wigs pre-made, or you can lock hair on an existing synthetic dreadlock wig. They can be made with human or synthetic hair. For the best results, deadlock wigs use mixes of both hair types to create realistic looking styling.

Short bob faux locs dreadlock wig on black manikin model

Some stylists buy long dreadlock wigs and cut them into short dreadlock wigs. It is much harder to add hair to a dreadlock wig rather than remove hair.

Some wigs are called twist wigs because the synthetic hair wigs are twisted into stylings instead of matted or braided. The twisted hair resembles much famous Passion twist and Senegalese twist stylings. Most rasta-based wigs are unisex, catering to both men and women; typically sold in a one-size-fits-all.

Light skinned blonde fake dreadlocks wig hair with headband

Dreadlock wigs are most commonly used for party wigs as costume accessories when customers want to dress like reggae bob Marley, hippies, or rastas.


Dreadlocks wigs never attach to your real hair. A dreadlock wig is typically one hairpiece. Dreadlock wig pricing is usually higher than faux locs. There is a lot of hair in the braids wig, and they have to be attached to a hair net. Dreadlock wigs and lace front wigs are started the same way.

Faux locs are imitation locks. They can be twisted, braided, or crochets into cornrows or box braids. Dreadlock wigs are usually costume wigs. Faux locs are meant to be a protective styling that isn’t meant to be removed daily. Locs crochet and crochet twist faux locs are best sellers of the faux locs stylings.

Wonderful and wild bohemian black dreadlocks wig in the forest of africa.


You can create dreadlocks with any fibers, hairs, strands, or strings. There are many techniques to dreading hair. You can use braids, twists, crochets, palm oils, and many other ways to create locks.

Dreadlock wigs will not grow. You can damage wigs by dreadlocking the hair. It’s better to crochet hair wigs than to dreadlock them. Crochet braids are much easier to remove then backcombed dreads.

If you want to dreadlock a human hair wig, you need to make sure that the hairs are long enough and that the hair texture will lock for the style you want. Some hair is too fine to lock into dreadlocks and will require a loc gel. It often helps to have a wig stand to hold the wig you would like to deadlock. Check out this example from this youtube video tutorial below:

The best hair to loc is synthetic fiber. Synthetic fibers are heat resistant. Synthetic hair locs easier because it’s kinky, and the texture of the hair holds well. Coarse hair is great for hair wigs and hair extensions.


  • Full Wig
  • Fine toothed comb or rat tail comb
  • Loc gel
  • Wig stand/Wig Head
  • Hot water
  • Crochet needle
Straight burgundy brown dreadlocks on wig taken in a forest with plant and trees.


  1. prepare your hair for locking and begin creating your sections while separating the hair into even groups. Lockdown small hairs with gel.
  2. Use either a crochet, braid, or matting technique to start locking the hair.
  3. Shape the locks into the shapes you prefer
  4. Fill any holes you find at the roots with other hair. This will help the look of your locs.
  5. Cut irregular shapes and lose pieces. Touch up areas that still need filling.


Best wigs to dread: Afro wigs, Long hair Kinky wigs, African American wigs, and wigs with coarse hair. 

Dreadlocks don’t always have to use natural black hair; you can use any hair color, including burgundy, ombre, gold, and dark brown.

Kinky curly black dreadlocks on wig with center part.


Natural dreadlock hairstyles are not washed too often, and either is wigs. Some forms of dreadlock wigs come in headband wigs. These are more universal to wear than regular wigs. These often do not get washed. If the wig starts to smell you might want to give it a nice rinse. Some people recommend using a washer machine. We do not suggest washing these headband costumes in any machine. Hand washes only.

Light skinned blonde fake dreadlocks wig hair with headband

You wash hair to remove the build-up caused by sebum and dirt. Since dreadlock wigs don’t grow, they don’t produce their own oils. There is less build-up in wigs than actual dreadlocks. You still need to wash dreadlock wigs if they are constantly being used. 

This will help with the smell and help the locs last longer. It’s best to use a residue-free shampoo to clean and wash the wigs. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.



Yes, but we don’t recommend it.
Hair spray will lock in hair and help hold the shape of the desired locks or style. You usually won’t wash Halloween wigs or cosplay wigs because they are not an everyday hairpiece. When you lock hair into place with hair spray, you adding product to hold the hair. This can be fine on costumes when you don’t plan on using them again.


No, we don’t recommend wearing a deadlock hairpiece to bed.
Wearing deadlock wigs to bed will cause unraveling and could potentially damage the wig. It is wise to remove the wig at night before showering and going to bed. You can wear a wig cap or a beanie over the wig to help protect the hairs.


Many of us just want dreadlocks for a one-night costume and some of us may be trying to see how we would look with such stylings. Whatever the case, a dreadlock wig might be the best option for you! Thank you for reading our article, and please leave us a comment below!

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