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Since you’re here, chances are you’re either ready to buy or you’re newly curious about getting and installing longer lengthed faux locs as your next hairstyle. 

For whichever reason it may be, more length = more hangtime, and more hangtime is NEVER frowned upon around here.

Black woman demonstrating black power and beauty with long black faux locs hair while wearing a nice elegant white suite.


You can twist it, pin it, do a half updo, bun it up or decorate it with trendy accessories.

You really can’t ever go wrong with longer hair, and if you truly are a fan of traditional dreadlocks then we say, “go for it!”

Light skin african queen with long black and dark blue crochet faux locs hair extensions in a bathroom selfie.

You can also opt-in or opt-out for the long jumbo styled locs for comparatively thicker and denser locs; this allows for a more traditional loc style/island vibe.

You can even create a ponytail with your gorgeous locs and transform yourself into a glam goddess.

Or for a softer look, you can just part your hair sideways and add some accessories like shells, strings of beads to add a trendy touch. Long faux locs when pulled up in a bun or a high ponytail accentuate your facial features so if you want to highlight your facial features or a particular feature then they are your go-to option.

Long Synthetic Locs Look Beautiful On Anyone

They sure do give out that goddess vibe. You can decorate your locs by adding many accessories or by adding loose curls in the ends.

With such a vast variety of hairstyles that you can experiment with, here are a few of our favorites:

You can also add a touch of color by adding dyed extensions to your natural hair.  Some of the most popular colors include:

  • jet black
  • brown
  • blonde
African model with a nice body and bathing suit while wearing long black crochet faux locs knotless hair braids.

Bonus hair color tip: “bronde” = an ombre hair color mix of brown and blonde.  It’s kind of the go-to option if you’re seeking to be more a little edgier and up-to-beat with the most popular trends.


If you’ve never had long hair before, you might notice it to be a little uncomfortable at first and we want you to know everything (even the potentially bad) that there is to know about the longer-styled faux locs. 

Here is a shortlist of the most common complaints from both men and women alike:

  • When let down, jumbo faux locs unapologetically swing behind your head and have been known to bump into or knock things over simply because you’re not used to your new locs.
  • Longer length means more weight and if you aren’t accustomed to having longer, heavier hair, well, this could negatively impact a person’s hairperience (hair experience).
  • Longer hair extensions means that the upkeep and loc maintenance will take longer as well.  It is safe to say that for every inch of hair, you must at least another 6-9 minutes to the total maintenance time.
  • Simply put, longer hair tends to cost more.  So, if you’re ballin’ on hair budget, this may not be the right length for you.
Black woman with long brown and long crochet faux locs butterfly locs dogecoin to the moon.

Are any of the above points deal breakers?  We hope not!  Beauty is pain and longer hair always turns more heads…

Nonetheless, if you are having issues with any of the negative points made above, you may want to consider the more popular option, medium-lengthed faux locs

Bonus Video: Super Long Goddess Locs

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