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Did you choose a protective style like box braids but need direction to find the right hair color? We are here to help. Check out our complete guide to box braid hair colors to be inspired with the hottest colors, newest options, quickest maintenance tricks, and so much more. 


Choosing the right braiding hair color will make or break your look. It’s an art, and we are your advocators. If you are here, then you have already selected box braids as the protective hairstyle for you. We are here to help inspire you with some of the best box braid hair colors, hues, and shades that match your personality and stylings. 


Tracking reader requests, market traffic fluctuations, and amazon customer reviews, we have come up with the top 3 box braid hair colors for 2021, expected to make big waves all year long. 

Platinum purple crochet box braid hair colors - crochet faux locs


These Purple Box Braid are a gorgeous shade of deep purple. This is an excellent choice if you want color on the darker end of the spectrum but still very vibrant. It’s a deep grape purple with pink and blue undertones, and it has an incredibly soft feel to it.

Box braid ombre hairstyles - crochet faux locs


Ombre braiding hair is the gradual blending of one color to another, usually from a darker base to lighter color or hue. Ombre can be made with 2 to 3 different color tones. With so many possibilities, you can create a vibrant creation of braiding hair colors that will surely get suitable attention. 

Light skin model from africa with beautiful sandy brown box braid crochet hair colors.


With so many of us finally returning to the open world and the pandemic coming to an end, you need a natural hair look that’s going to send a message of warmth and love. Honey blonde box braids can be that message of hope!

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If those popular colors didn’t get you excited, ten check out these wonderful looks to help get those creative juices flowing. 

Julie jenner look alike light skin persian model wearing brown colored box braid hair colors.
  1. DARK BROWN TO LIGHT BROWN FADED BRAIDS – Don’t stick to just one color. Combine different tones of brown to create a trendy somber fade of brown.
Shoulder length ebony black box braid hair color on african woman.
  1. EBONY BLACK AT MEDIUM LENGTH BRAIDS – The richness of the ebony black braids hair has so much dept when you look closely at them.
Lavender purple box braid hair colors on white woman model
  1. LAVENDER PURPLE BRAIDS – Lavender has the power to relax people and ease their minds. Get the color in a knotless braid style that looks just like human hair.
Brown skin toned model with lovely golden brown sand stone colored braid hairstyles.
  1. GOLDEN SANDSTONE BRAIDS – This soft golden sandy hair color will have you lost in the islands at the beach.
Metallic grey and white box braided hairstyle colors on light skin black woman.
  1. METALLICA GREY AND WHITE MIX BRAIDS – When adding a grey faux loc or box braid hair color, add hints of white to create a lovely stainless steel look.
Sophisticated burgundy box braid hair color on african american woman.
  1. MAROON BURGUNDY BRAIDS – If you are tired of basic red box braids, go with a deeper and more sophisticated color pallet like burgundy and a mix of pastel marron braided hairstyles.
Swim model wearing teal swim suit with long mermaid teal box braid hair color that fades with an ombre shading.
  1. MERMAID TEAL BRAIDS – Get right into the great big ocean and fit in with all your mermaid friends with a synthetic braiding hair color that screams relaxed wavy vibes.
Beautiful african american women with off white box braid hair color at long faux loc length.
  1. ALL WHITE/ OFF WHITE BRAIDS – This color contrasts with your local surrounding so nicely that it is almost iconic. Match the fit with some off-white air forces, and you are ready to break hearts!
Light skin latino female with earthy green medium length box braid green hair color
  1. EARTHY GREEN BOX BRAIDS – With everyone trying to be more energy-efficient, we see many more people going green. Match the trend with these very earthy plant box braids hairstyles.
Light skinned black teen with sapphire blue color braids.
  1. SAPHIRE BLUE BRAIDS- 2020 saw a rise in purple and blue braiding hair extensions. This year we see a trendy demand for darker and deeper blue colors.


Sometimes you get stuck with a more fundamental and regular color that doesn’t stand out or match your beautiful black women’s personality. Luckily for you, we have some simple updos that can help spark those crochet braiding hairs into an elite hairstyle. 

JUMBO BOX BRAIDS – Enhance an introductory look into a chunky braid using jumbo braiding hair bundles to create thicker and larger braid patterns. 

LONG BRAIDS – If you are going for a more natural hairstyle, try a long hair look. The longer braids look amazing and give you a much more adventurous look. 

HALF UP – Take those primary colors and wrap them on top of your head with a half-up bun that will keep your curly hair nice and protected. 

CORNROWS – Use cornrows to create your box braids for a knotless braid look that will make any dreadlocks style look amazing. 


There are too many possibilities when it comes to choosing one specific color choice. When you add the options of an ombre color combination to your hair box braids, the possibilities never seem to stop. Here we want to help guide you in making that choice while avoiding any issues we have been through in the past ourselves.

  • We have made the mistake of buying box braids, faux locs, or twist hair colors incorrectly because all brands seem to use their own color map instead of using universally agreed names. This being said, you should always look for a color swab or picture of the product to inspect that the labeled color is the color you want!
  • When shopping through new brands and across amazon, make sure to read all the product info to absorb as much information about the box braid hair color, maintenance needs, and dyeing method. 
  • Avoid using alcohol-based hair products because some hair types will run or fade easier when washed or styled with harsh chemicals. 
  • Buying pre-stretched braiding hair will save you time compared to a twist crochet braid made with natural hairstyles and knotless braiding hair. 


  1. SHOWER CAP – Consistently over washing will cause box braids to fade and more baby hairs to escape. Wrap your locs up before you shower with an excellent waterproof cap to help reduce the rinsing. 
  2. NO TOUCHING / OVER STYLING – Hands off the new braids styles. Don’t contaminate those synthetic fibers with your fingerprints, or even worse, letting strangers feel your hair. Let them see with their eyes, not their hands. 
  3. SMALL BOX BRAIDS – Stop long box braids from dragging and snagging. The constant abrasion can cause the hair to become dirty and faded. So watch those tips. 
  4. HAIR CARE REGIMEN – Be consistent with the maintenance. If you need a hair care routine, consult your stylist or check the braiding hair brand’s main website. Brands like MyMallia, Kanekalon, and X-pressions have box braid maintenance tips posted on their sites. 
  5. ITCH FREE – Avoid the scratching and patting, and if you can, take a nice bath with hot water to help eliminate the itch. If the itching doesn’t go away, have a trained hairstylist take a look. 


Need a little more help maintaining those braids? Check out this awesome quick video to help you quickly handle those lovely braids. 



Yaki can refer to a texture and the look of a color. When someone mentions yaki, they typically say something is soft or appears to have a soft color. 


Unfortunately, the only way to evenly and thoroughly dye box braids is to unravel them first. 


The weight of your braids is determined by how much hair you use per braided plait. Most box braid designs are lightweight. Black hair braids and white hair braids will weigh the same if they are the same style. 


Darker skin tones pair wonderfully with bright and sophisticated colors like burgundy, pink ombre, and Saphire blue box braids.


Box braids are a great style that anyone can enjoy. Finding the color of box braids that fit your right is hard. Hopefully, our complete box braid hair color guide helped you find something you liked. Don’t forget to scroll down and subscribe, as well as leave a comment if you have questions. 

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