Passion Twists

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What Are They?

Passion twists is a loc styling method that only utilizes two-strand twists.

Many Hairstylists twist the hair around the box braids to achieve the passion styles needed. Passion twists are the latest variation of Senegalese twists. Still being a protective styling, the hair extension is twisted around your natural hair allowing your hair to still grow and be maintained.

Much like goddess locs, to keep edge control you don’t burn the synthetic or human hair; rather you use the rubber band method.  Passion twists use silkier and curlier textured crochet hair.

Like many faux locs, the hair needs to be a rough-textured type of hair for this twist hairstyle to be accurate.


Passion twists are twisted the same way you would twist other two-strand twists. You start with your box braids and begin twisting down.

Passion twists on display while being worn by three different ethnic women


How Much Do They Cost?

Based on the top 3 brands selling passion twists, the average cost for a full head of hair twists is $150-$220.

What Type Of Hair Texture Should I Buy?

Seek to find a silkier and smoother freetress texture for your twists.  Synthetic is the cheapest, Kanekalon is 1 step above, and human hair is considered the best.

How Many Packs Do I Need To Buy In Order To Do A Full Head?

6-10 packs depending on the size of your head as well as the thickness of the twists.

How Long Does Passion Twist Hair Last?

2 – 4 months; however, we never recommend going over 3 months.
With conditioners and proper monthly hair care.  Many hairstylists recommend hair care every three-five weeks to retwist and reduce frizz of your natural hair. Passion twist and other crochet methods are protective styles and don’t hurt the hair follicle.

What’s The Most Popular Hair Twist Length?

We recommend getting passion twists that are from 18 inches to 24 inches in length. They can always be trimmed. Passion twists are actually lightweight and make great protective hairstyles.

Are Spring Twists The Same As Passion Twists?

unlike spring twists, Passion twists require hair similar to Freetress Water Wave braiding hair. The hair itself is much silkier with a kinky twist typically only used for crochet twist styles. This gives hair braided with water wave strands a much more high-quality feel. Spring twist uses Marley hair to lock your own hair to the lock extensions.

What Are The Most Popular Hair Colors?

Out of all the different colors of twists that are bought and sold online, here are the top 3:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Burgundy/Red


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