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At CrochetFauxLocs.com, we completely understand that your trust in our content provided will not be easily achieved and we’re totally okay with that because we want to earn it. 

Earning your trust and growing our loyal followers organically within the hair extension industry will be no small feat.  It is an ongoing responsibility that demands perfection and we’re going to make sure we conduct all possible due diligence to ensure the accuracy of our content.


In this section, we outline the steps (specifically) on how and where we accumulate our information in order to generate content that falls within the following criteria:

  • COMPREHENSIVE – We better define, decipher, and translate hair industry terms, names, and lingo used in order for you to make more sound decisions on products and hair maintenance techniques
  • ACCESSIBLE – Our content can be accessed by all readers around the world and we have every intention of translating our content into as many different languages as possible.
  • CURRENT– We following several leading hair news outlets to make sure we are always providing you excellent and current information.  Furthermore, we answer and save every single question we receive from our readers.  If we receive a single question more than once, this question and the answer will then be made public on the most relevant page on our website for all our readers to view. 

As you can see, we are taking all content-creation measures seriously and we do this to ensure you that our content will always grow in the following two ways of time:

  • More VALUABLE (consistent news and industry updates)
  • More UNIVERSAL (FAQs updates that come from hair extension enthusiasts from around the world)

Our mission is to build a strong, cannabis-based, family-like community.  This goal simply cannot be accomplished by cutting corners. 


We want to engage with our readers in hopes to earn their trust and become loyal subscribers to our hair extension content and email newsletter. 

  • Editorial Goal: Become the most trusted, most used, and most visited hair extension education online platform.
  • Editorial Mission: Build the largest online hair extension networking community and family with a sincere focus on hair education.


There is an old African proverb that states,

“Alone a youth runs fast, with an elder slow, but together they go far.”

A more current and vastly more popular derivative of this proverb was shared by Al Gore.

“There is an old African proverb that says if you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. We have to go far, quickly…”

As you may have insinuated already, we want to do things the right way and we want to do it for a very long time

We don’t care to work alone and we openly invite all hair industry professionals as well as reputable bloggers and hairstylists to comment, review, write content, and work with us.

In order to do the best job we can, we believe that we must work together.  So, if by chance you may have found something on our website that you know to be untrue, PLEASE DO NOT KEEP THIS PRECIOUS INFORMATION TO YOURSELF. 🙂

If you have any comments concerning our content or perhaps want to share your opinion on how to present a topic in a better way, please contact us. We always want to hear from our readers!

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