Short Faux Locs

Now opting for long faux locs is great and it also may give some goddess feels but locs in shorter length look great as well.

Apart from looking chic, they are a great option for those who are worried about locs feeling too heavy on their head or damaging their own natural hair. They are also a great option when you are on the go or running errands and don’t have much time to style your mane. You can also amp up your game by adding Marley Hair to your locs.

They will give your mane a more natural feel and is also the most popular choice of synthetic hair for faux locs for giving an overall soft and voguish look.

You can also use some hair accessories like beads or strings in your locs for that strong mane game. You can also opt for an extra thick jumbo shoulder-length faux locs to stand out even more. Add some Marley hair or hair accessories for some extra glamour or leave them be for a more subtle look.


How long does short faux locs last?
This may depend on a variety of factors like how well do you take care of your short faux locs and how often do you style or maintain them. Taking all these factors into consideration short faux locs can last up to a good 3 weeks to 3 months.

How long does it take to do short faux locs?
The amount of time needed in installing short faux locs on your mane also depends on a number of factors like what kind of technique you are using or the thickness of your locs or what kind of style you are opting for. Depending upon all these factors it takes up to 4 to 9 hours of your time for the installation of short faux locs.

How many packs of hair do I need for short faux locs?

Depending upon where you wish to install your locs, the amount of hair needed varies. If you wish to install them upon Marley twists, you may need more hair in comparison to when you install them on your natural hair. Anyways, taking into consideration all these factors you are going to need anywhere around 8 to 12 packs of hair for installing short faux locs on your mane.

Can you sleep with short faux locs on?”

Yes. You can sleep with your short faux locs on. But you might have to take some little extra steps for the maintenance of these locs. Sleeping on the locs tends to make them a little frizzy so you can switch to a silk pillowcase for a reduction in the frizz. For more details on how to keep your locs frizz-free, you can check our blogs.

Can short faux locs be curled?

Yes. Short faux locs can be curled. Depending upon what length of faux locs you have got installed on your mane they can be curled or you can leave them be.

How to style short faux locs?

There are a variety of ways in which you can style your short faux locs. Right from accessorizing your faux locs to wearing them in different colors or ombre patterns or the classic colors with lots of jewelry, there are a lot of options to choose from. For more details on how to style short faux locs you can check our blogs.

How to take care of short faux locs?

Taking care of short faux locs is nothing different than taking care of any kind of faux locs. You should regularly cleanse and moisturize them. This increases the life of your locs as well as keeps them looking fresh all the time. For more details on how to keep your locs looking fresh all the time, you can check out the aftercare guide as well.

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