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Looking for that heavenly look? Need a style that screams elegance and beauty. Goddess Locs are a loc style that is said to bring higher levels of outward beauty to anyone who considers wearing them.


Goddess locs are a byproduct of Faux Locs that offers a higher fashion, more elegant loc hairstyle; this due to their shinier, silkier loc appearance as well as their delicately flowing curly ends.

This specific hair faux loc extension was created on April 7, 2015, by Dr. Kari Williams. Whom, we might add, invented it specifically for celebrity actress, Meagan Good. Originally, Goddess Locs were designed completely using only human hair, not synthetic.

Image from dr kari williams website on how to make money selling goddess locs
Pretty light skin girl with brown and black flowing goddess locs hair almost like the nigger river.

The traditional goddess loc style would not be complete without just a hint of loc jewelry. This simple touch using white yarn, gold hair cuffs, or both, really brings the entire hairstyle together. Captivating and illuminating the true essences of a royal island queen.


Goddess and Faux locs can be commitment-free dreads. Goddess locs typically don’t seal the ends of the locs and have that curly hair end that gives it the signature goddess look.Faux locs typically are sealed at the ends of the locs with hair glue or heat treatment like flash burning. That holds the stylings together and helps them last longer. 


The difference between Crochet Goddess Locs and standard Goddess Locs really boils down to one main fact…

The amount of time it takes to install them!

Crochet Goddess Locs can be installed in 2-3 hours while the standard, more traditional style, can take anywhere from 6-8 hrs.

Perfect black model with dark medium length goddess locs amazon hair past shoulder length crochet braids


Common types are rope, hair, or thread. Originally, goddess locs were made with only human hair,  nowadays, with the expansion of the hair extension industry, it is much more common to buy goddess locs pre-packaged with synthetic hair.

Beautiful black girl with purple burgundy goddess loc'd hair extensions.

Hairs from these listed faux loc brands are typically okay for use in goddess locs:

  • FEMI


Unlike box braids and passion twist, begin by sectioning the hair into close even sections (cornrows). We recommend having a minimum of 3 inches of hair to start off with.

Next, attach the loose wavy ends/curly ends of the goddess locs to your naturally curly hair in twists or crochet. This involves braiding your natural hair and then wrapping goddess extensions around the natural hair and using a crochet method to lock up the braids. Many twist up the braiding hair with Marley hair or Cuban hair with a rougher texture.

For more in-depth and visual guidance check out some of these great tutorials below.



Most frequent questions and answers

The average price is $150 – $300 for a full head of hair, which is usually 6-8 packs of synthetic dreads.

Ultimately, the cost of Goddess Locs depends on length, color, and if you want Human Hair, Synthetic Hair, or a mixture of both.

We don’t recommend shopping on Amazon. Look for wavy hair with curly loose ends, remember goddess locs have curly ends that are not sealed.  We recommend Goddess locs anywhere from 15 to 24 in length. Goddess locs can always look great short but look more amazing when they are nice and long.

The most popular goddess loc hair colors are burgundy, blonde, ombre, red, grey, and a natural black.


We recommend anywhere from 5-8 Packs. Check the strain count on each pack to make sure they are ranging from 18 – 24 strains per package.

Try using 3 packs of one style of goddess locs and 3 packs of another. This gives you more personalized hairstyling.

Goddess locs can last as long as you make them last. With maintenance,

Crochet Goddess Locs are a protective style. The hair extensions are loc’d and not your natural hair. Your hair is essentially twisted, braided, or crochet and then crocheted to the loc extension.

Your natural hair is always free to grow. Proper hair care from a trained hairstylist who braids hair with your hair type will definitely help in the maturing stages

With proper hair care with edge management, you don’t need to twist the hair as much. Goddess Locs can be permanent hairstyling if maintained regularly.

This is completely based on your personal preference as they look amazing in every color, except neon colors.

While we can’t tell you which color is specifically best for you, the most popular goddess loc color is Burgundy faux locs.

These two locs are similar to other Faux locs crochet hairstyles. The main difference is the distinct Freetress hair used in gypsy locs and the technique used to loc up the curly ends on goddess locs.


Final Thoughts

We’ll be back soon to update you with more goddess loc pictures as well as the latest news.  Before we go, we wanted to leave all the first-time faux loc shoppers a few more educational resources.

We directly believe these will prepare you even further as you begin your faux loc journey with your first full head of Goddess Locs.

Locs rightfully deemed “the most heavenly loc style of them all” and described as, “irrefutably gorgeous“.

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