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Goddess Locs

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Goddess locs is becoming a popular choice among women globally. You can see that they are a constant in the hottest trends of the industry too as everybody is fashioning them. From celebrities like Rihanna to all the common women as well are opting for this synthetic protective hairstyle. Not only it protects your natural hair but also instantly glams up your mane game. They come in a variety of styles as well so you have a lot of options to choose from.

From crochet braids to boho locs to goddess locs they all look beautiful. One of the most popular choice that everybody opts for is the goddess locs. They are comparatively light weight as they use human hair for extensions and their significant identity is that the ends of goddess locs are wavy. There are a variety of ways in which you can style your goddess locs.

Goddess locs

We have curated a list of some of our favorite goddess locs style from which you can take inspiration for this summer season.



Take inspiration from this gorgeous look that Meagan Good is fashioning. A side shaved head with long gorgeous brown and slightly blonde goddess Faux locs or we can say bronde (a term used for a mixture of brown and blonde).

Point1 - crochet faux locs


This look has all our hearts. Long Goddess faux locs with curls throughout the length of your locs will instantly mesmerize your look. If you don’t believe us just take a look at this picture of this gorgeous girl.

Point2 - crochet faux locs


Who doesn’t like to play with a little bit of color? Go bold or go home. Take inspiration from this beautiful platinum grey colored goddess hair locs. You’ll surely stand out in the room fashioning this. You can pull your faux locs in a bun and decorate it with some cool hair accessories.

Point3 - crochet faux locs


Red is a fierce color. A red mane looks very chic. And red goddess faux locs, we just have one word – breath taking! Take inspiration from this look and fashion it for the coming spring season. You are definitely going to catch everyone’s attention wherever you go.

Point4 - crochet faux locs


If you are one of those who can’t manage long hair or don’t like long hair, then don’t worry. You can fashion shoulder length or neck length faux locs and look the cutest of all. You can always decorate your goddess locs with some cute hair accessories and you are good to go.

Point5 - crochet faux locs



And there are always the classics. You can never go wrong with a classic brown goddess faux locs. A mane full of long voluminous brown locs will look perfect for any occasion. You can even wear them to work. They look really chic and gorgeous. You can rock it as it is, add some bling with hair accessories or tie them up in a high bun for a backless dress moment.

Point6 - crochet faux locs


The classiest of them all is a black mane. If you are the kind who is not into experimenting much with your mane, just stick to a classic black mane of goddess faux locs. It surely looks really elegant and if you want there’s always an option to add some bling to it by decorating it with some hair accessories.

Point7 - crochet faux locs


You can surely cut the installation time by doing your goddess faux locs by the crochet method. It will look very unique and make all of your pictures gram-worthy.

Point8 - crochet faux locs

We are sure this article would have been of great help to you and must have given you some really good inspiration on how you can style your goddess faux locs in different ways. Goddess locs look really beautiful on everyone and you should definitely give them a try.

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