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With so much unregulated information online, it is very hard to find transparent information about faux locs; this is not the case anymore. 

We invite you to sit back, kick your feet up, and get comfortable as this article dives deep and is perhaps the most informative synthetic faux loc hair guide you will find online.  

We advise that you bookmark this article in your browser and visit it often as we consistently update it with new information and industry updates. 


If you are relatively new to hair extensions, this faux locs for beginners guide will take you from a novice to an expert.  We will teach you about:

  • what they are
  • the history
  • the various loc styles
  • installation methods
  • daily loc maintenance
  • video tutorials
  • the different hair types used
  • and so much more


Directly, they are synthetic hair extensions that resemble and imitate the look and feel of naturally grown dreadlocks

They are made out of different mixtures and blends of synthetic and natural fibers

The synthetic fibers are made of copolymers that have been manufactured, while the natural fibers are typically strands of hair that have been collected from both animals and humans. 

These beautiful fake dreadlocks are created using ancient techniques of twisting, wrapping, braiding, backcombing, and crocheting.


The history of faux locs is very limited, with no clear understanding of who or where they came from. It wasn’t until after the 1950s that we saw the first known records of any hair extensions ever being used or the first patent for the sow in 1951.

Many new hairstyles and innovations in hair trends started to appear in America after the civil rights movement. This is likely when faux locs grew their popularity. 


A style this awesome didn’t just appear overnight. The level of diversity and culture available on the market comes from years and years of evolution passed down from the earliest known traditions of shaping our hair. 


Looking through an accumulation of data and research has led us to conclude that there is no definitive record of creation for faux locs. Adding hair extensions to one’s head has been a styling technique as old as time. 


The origins of faux locs are unclear. We have evidence that humans have been creating hair extensions in many fashions for thousands of years. They did this for reasons such as culture, tradition, religious belief, hierarchy, marital status, and many other reasons. 

Saying just one person invented the faux loc wouldn’t be entirely fair. 


Although there’s no readily available information on when they were invented, we did see a notable trend emerge in the 1950s as we start to see different hair extension techniques grow in popularity and appear on billboards, newspapers, and movie screens. We did see the rise of the traditional way of adding faux locs with crochet tools and looping knot techniques during this time. 


In 1951, a wonderful, excellent, brilliant, strong, courageous, and intelligent woman named Christina Mae Thomas, who later married and took on the name Christina Jenkins, walked into a crowded room, flipped her luxurious synthetic hair (I hope so at least) and single-handedly improved the entire hair extension industry showcasing her patented invention of the first hair weave sew-in!

Christina jenkins: the woman who inspired faux loc extensions

You may be wondering, “sew in weaves aren’t faux locs…”, and technically, you are correct,  but Christina invented the METHOD!  Her invention opened tens if not hundreds of new doors which directly impacted the expansion of the hair industry into what it is today.

Thank you, Christina Jenkins. We owe you, big time!


The 20th century saw the hugest boom of fake dreadlocks and imitation tresses that still grows more and more every year.

The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and every year a new style or faux loc seems to emerge that breaks the internet.

Recently, the most significant demand for synthetic locs of hair is being found in the cities and specific regions where style, fashion, and social status play a big role in the everyday lives of its residing citizens. More directly, faux locs are most commonly found in the cities where fashion is held at the highest of standards. 

So, here are the 6 most popular cities in the United States where you are bound to find faux locs for sale and readily available Locticians to install them for you:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • New York City, NY
  • Houston, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL


These fake dreadlocks are specially designed to look and feel like real healthy human hair with natural characteristics. Some brands and textiles are made with thermal heat protection. Looking at a fake dread vs. an absolute dread, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference even if you felt them.


When a hairstyle keeps your hair tucked and minimized manipulation, it is considered a protective style. This gives your hair a break from conditions and weather that can be rather nasty. The roots of your hair benefit from the protective styling, especially when it comes to daily use. The only thing that is potentially damaging about defensive stylings is if they are over-tightened.

Protective stylings can offer your hair protection but still need to be maintained regularly to avoid being counterproductive. Neglecting your hair or scalp health can lead to severe issues.


Although we use faux locs as a general term, it refers to an extensive categorization of hair extension stylings. When looking for commitment-free dreadlocks, you will want to be aware of all the color, length, and brand options available. 


The first key factor you will need to get educated on is the hair color options for various faux locs. It’s essential to purchase your locs in the color you want because attempting to dye or alter synthetic fibers and natural hairs can be damaging or almost impossible to achieve. Trust us, we would know.

Twisted black crochet faux loc hair in a spiral next to a bundle of black pre looped faux loc hair extension.


Not only is this a beautiful color, but black always looks very natural and elegant. Because of the dark color, these locs make a great contrast to any skin tone.


Don’t fear away from lighter colors like blonde and balayage because they can be a great way to add just the right amount of light to your life.
Blonde crochet faux loc hair with all the bundles flowing in the same direction and connected by their pre loop.
Honey blonde crochet faux locs hair bundle hanging from prelopped faux loc hair


Somebody grab pooh bear cause these honey locs look extra delicious. 


Be bold with colors like teal and blue are a great way to show off your relaxed but adventurous characteristics. 

Ocean blue faux loc hair with curls and waves that look amazing on a white background
Crochet faux locs hair with a mixtured blend of black and brown in the hair


Mix it up with a combination of two of the most vibrant colors. The blend of colors helps anyone get noticed at a new york fashion show. 


Don’t just settle for red synthetic braids. Show off your dark side with a shade of red that’s aiming to break hearts all season long.
Dark burgundy colors and hair strands all bundled up and ready to wear with dark burgundy colors.
Silver grey platinum faux locs crochet faux locs hair platinum hair


Silver and platinum grey are the ways to turn heads and break the sound barrier like quicksilver.


A superior shading technique to help transition two colors is a great way to rock more than one color fashion.
Ombre faux locs crochet hair bundles on a white background.
Pink crochet faux locs imitation dread hair pink panther colors and bright pink/


Don’t be afraid to support breast cancer research with pink colors that can symbolize strength and resilience. 


Nothing says natural better than brown dreads. Feel organic and alive with a color rooted in mother nature.
Brown crochet faux locs hair on a white background with enough crochet pre looped hair to do a full head with 6 packs for regular black woman.
Purple dreads faux loc crochet hair - crochet faux locs


It’s always a color that gets the most applause. Change up your wardrobe because this color is changing everything.


Show off the fire that burns within you with gorgeous colors like red. This is one to remember.
Strawberry red cherry splash faux locs crochet hair with bright colors and lovely lengths.
Show your love for all colors including black white and brown with these rainbow faux locs that can be sed to represent pride in the lgbq community.


If you got pride and want to show your support, grab the Tekashi 69 colors and make a movement.


Not only can you choose your hair color options, but you are also able to customize the lengths and widths. Many styles can be rocked in larger or smaller versions. This gives faux locs so much versatility when you want to have an original look that is all your own. 


There’s nothing wrong with going up a size and reaching for an immense synthetic dread.


When the length of hair doesn’t go past the mid-back, but it’s longer than the shoulder, it’s medium-sized. 


When you have big, you always got to have small. Keep it nice and tight while looking professional in a shorter styling.


when big isn’t enough, and you want to accentuate that hair try stepping it up with jumbo-sized dreads


these large faux locs will help you be all the fun in the 


Styles that reach farther down your mid back are what we like to call long. These cost a little more, but the added length showcases power and elegance.


With all this information we provide it’s easy to see that we have your best intentions in mind.  Thus, you can always expect genuine, unbiased recommendations on who we believe is doing it right and doing it the best!

At CrochetFauxLocs.com, we recognize and actively test brand superiority in customer care, quality of the hair product offered, and the actual good people behind the brands who genuinely care about the people they serve and who also want to help others in this gargantuan hair industry/community.

The Best Faux Loc Brands of 2021:

  • Boho Locs
  • Janet Collection
  • Bobbi Boss Nu Locs


There are four major faux loc hair types to discuss that will help advance your knowledge to an expert level. Synthetic, natural, unique, and the best are all types that you are going to want to familiarize yourself with. Let us waste no time and jump right in.


Any fiber that isn’t grown naturally is synthetic. These are typically made in a factory with higher quality strands being made out of copolymers that have been melted and shaped from a spinner extruder with small holes drilled in it to dispense long thin strands. These long strands are great for use in textiles and hair extensions. The hairs can be created to look like real human hair.


The best part of faux locs is how easy it is to make them seem so natural. Looking at someone for the first time wearing a medium-length goddess loc style and you wouldn’t know if their hair was real or fake.

Why is this?

Faux locs are often made with human hair or fibers made to look like natural human hair. These are then installed around your natural hair and styled to look like a regular fro.


Some faux locs are more non-conventional in their techniques or styling. These would be hair types like rubber band method styles, triangle faux locs, and thick faux locs.


Time is always rushing by. It seems like it never slows. Ideas invented today become old tomorrow. New ideas come out every day.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of all those cute and curly 2021 styles that naturally make you look amazing!


Let’s be honest faux locs look gorgeous. And styling them into various faux locs hairstyles gives your overall look an edge from the other women out there.

Whether you are experimenting or gearing up for the summers, having a few hairstyle ideas in your sleeves will undoubtedly come in handy for you.

We’ve curated a list of the classiest and chicest hairstyles you can purchase “as-is”:

Goddess Locs
Learn More
Gypsy Locs
GYPSY CROCHET LOCS One of the most common faux locs hairstyles opted for by every other woman is gypsy locs crochet locs. It's so lightweight and gives your hair a soft texture, and it's perfect for everyday wear. Gypsy locs are done to give your hair a more delicate human hair-like texture and feel lightweight on your head.
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Bangs are a perfect way to shape your face. If you want to highlight those facial features, this is your faux locs hairstyle to go to. Whether your faux bangs are heavy or wispy, long or cropped, they model not only your hairstyle but also play an essential role in shaping your face.
Click Here
Boho Locs (Bohemian Locs)
If you are one of those people whose statement style is bohemian and love all pieces in a way style, this is the perfect faux locs hairstyle for you. It gives a really cool chic boho vibe to your overall look. Crochet boho locs are much rougher in texture. They have waves throughout the hairstyle.
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The Bob
This is perhaps one of the chicest faux locs hairstyle you could go for. It's the perfect length and is great for those who want the dread look but don't want them to be extended. Look runway-ready from the moment you wake up. The short and loose bouncy bob is a very trendy and flattering style.
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Curly Faux Locs
CURLY CROCHET LOCS If you are bored of your plain straight faux locs, you can give your faux locs hairstyle a twist by curling them. You curl either the whole or in sections or just the ends, whichever way you like. Make a statement wherever you go. Curly crochet locs give you that gorgeous volume that is needed for a gorgeous-looking mane.
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Crochet Loc Bun
This faux locs hairstyle is just perfect for the summer when you are running errands. TOSS UP your locs into a faux locs bun, and you are good to go. Pulling up you're locs in a high-top bun is an effortless way to pull off a regal look. If you got long and thick locs, then this is the style for you.
Learn More


Locs refer to the grouping of hair strands in any matter or fashion. Faux locs can usually be installed in a few hours, while dreadlocks require months to loc up due to how slow they take to grow. It’d probably be a good idea to be prepared to retwist your hair regularly yourself or from a hairstylist to help tighten and lock the locs.  

Don’t be scared to get creative either!

You can use any hair, with any texture, and of any color you can make. When you group similar locs together, you can create begin creating a brand new hairstyle. 

If you look at some of the current offerings online, many look incredibly similar but have entirely different names! This is due to no real leader of education within the faux loc industry. But, since we are here, let’s go ahead a name a few loc styles:

  • Freeform locs
  • Dreadlocks (GASP! You don’t say)
  • Faux Locs
  • Nu Locs
  • Loc Braids


There are a lot of ways to wear a braided look. You can braid all your locs into a single braid, or you can do some sections and make a braid out of each one of them. Braid your locs and wear them in the shape of a headband and let the rest of your locs loose for a regal look. You can also add some highlighted hair in your braid to make it stand out even more.


Crochet faux loc mohawk - crochet faux locs


Faux locs are being such a trend that’s it very easy for multiple brands to be similar. The best way to find the style you want is to educate you on what available. Don’t be surprised when you see multiple types use the same faux locs hair.

Faux locs vs soft locs comparison chart


Soft locs are a specific grouping of faux locs that use softer and lighter hair strands. These locs still considered imitation dreadlocks and don’t vary much from traditional faux loc styles.

The main difference between a soft loc and other locs is the physical silky smoothness that you can feel. The locs are made with thinner, healthier, and lighter hair than most other v hairs. This creates a better loc that is more flexible and will allow less tension.

Faux locs vs goddess locs


 “Goddess locs have a signature loose curly tail created from sealing the wrapped strands 3 inches from the ends,” as described by inventor Dr. Kari Williams. This is different from faux locs that use heat sealing or gluing all of the tips to create a stub or blunt-end after being palm rolled or backcombed.

Faux locs vs passion twists


Faux locs are imitation dreadlocks meant to look and feel like real dreads. Passion twists are a hair extension that can attach the same way faux locs do. These twists use the combination of shiny reflective hair and a two-strand twist technique to create a jaw-dropping twist design.


Now you got the look but guess what. You need to maintain them. If no one told you before, then let us be the first to break the news. Just because the extensions are not your hair, it doesn’t mean you all of a sudden start neglecting your hair entirely!  


As your hair grows and you perform different activities, you will acquire build-up.

Build-up can come from sebum, dirt, dust, lint, and many other contaminants. If you do not correctly manage the build-up, your pores will begin to clog, and hair will not receive rehydration to keep its shape and feel.

This will lead to breakage.

As hair becomes brittle and dry, it will start to frizz. Frizz will cause your hair not to be as versatile and kinkier.

Dry cuticles cause frizz, and when you’re in humidity, frizz traps water in the air causing the hair to swell. If you notice frizz, grab some nourishing conditioner, ASAP!

Four tips to maintaining faux locs crochet hair after they are installed to stop frizz and to keep them looking freh and healthy.


  1. Switch pillowcase with a silk pillowcase. This reduces lint and static electricity. Silk is softer and won’t pull on your hair as much while you sleep.
  2. If you are styling your faux locs, this will cause a lot of unwanted loc frizz. Also, cheap hair bought on Amazon tends to not hold its shape and texture for long. Try to take it easy on the product you use to cleanse your scalp regularly. The wrong crochet faux loc products, as well as too much of the right product, might also harm your locs. Remember, natural is always better… this includes the products you put in it.


Follow our guide to finally and efficiently understand the installation process that goes along with thee wonderful locs. 

Crochet faux locs six step installation guide infographic on how to install crochet faux locs hair and hair extensions.


How to install – how to do

How to style

How to wash and maintain

How To Take Out / Remove


Essential tools for crochet faux locs hair attachment and presise looking braids and hidden knots.



  1. Lather head in the leave-in conditioner for at least 30 minutes before beginning the twist-out process.
  2. Start on one side and get ready to sit for a long time.
  3. Cut out the hair extension pieces. Most Faux loc styles only attach to the bottom 3 inches of your hair within the small braids. Just make sure you don’t cut off your real hair; it’s all we’re saying.
  4. Begin to unravel your locs and plant to work on each loc (one by one) and repeat this step until every single loc is gone.
  5. Lather up locs braids to help untwist out hair. If you are beginning another faux loc styling, you can retwist braids and even add new hair extensions. We recommend a nice shampooing first.
  6. Address and large areas that need a little extra work.


Three step method of removing crochet faux locs from hair in a info graph with a black woman and text.

People, Celebrities, & Ethnicities

Hair doesn’t discriminate. Adding your hair can be for all genders, ethnicities, and ages. You never have to feel like you not ready or presentable because rocking faux locs means you are always prepared. The style doesn’t need to be made up. It is prepared to go.

This is why many celebrities are starting to rock these looks more often. Now Meagan good and Nikki Minaj never have to worry about paparazzi because they are always in a picture ready faux loc styling.


It wouldn’t be right to keep this excellent style all to ourselves without passing the beautiful creations to our kids. kids need a chance to express themselves. Faux locs can do that for kids. With all the attractive options and the creativity of a child, the dreadlock style they create is going to help accentuate their inner selves and grow their confidence.


Faux locs, and other hair weaves can be used as protective stylings that safely guard and engulf your natural hair to allow natural growth and limit damage from the emblems and regular daily routine.


As we love to recommend faux locs for kids of all ages, we understand that some establishments and extracurricular activities do not permit nonnatural hairstyles. These are ones that use the addition of any hair extensions. Please avoid any issues and wasted time, research dress codes and hair requirements for activities and studies your kids are involved with before purchasing, as we cannot be held responsible.


To correctly and more efficiently style and braid a kid’s hair, use triangular sections to separate their hair better evenly. Kids’ heads are underdeveloped. This makes it hard to pull off those box braids or cornrows styles. Instead, go for a three-sided shape to allow more room to spread evenly where hair hasn’t grown or still needs to grow.

Faux locs are a great way for a young female to show off her personality and creativity with a beautiful faux loc creation. Since girls like to express themselves, accessorizing these hairs dreads is a must. Grab the same looks and styles as regular fake locs as they all install the same.


All my guys out there need to know; faux locs are not just for girls. They can be worn on men as well. Faux loc styles for men have been growing as it is a newer trend for guys to start adding hair extensions to their hair. Check out some of these great looks!


Faux locs look so amazing on black women, but they look just as great on white girls. The installation can be done all the same. That’s truly the best part of dealing with hair. Hair doesn’t know skin color; it only knows how to look fantastic and accentuate your look!

Accessories & Jewelry

Faux locs by themselves are very customizable. With the addition of accessories and jewelry, we can expand that to new lengths. The best part is accessories are right for aesthetics and can be used to hide imperfections and stop untwisting. On read dreadlocks, beads and cuffs are used to shape big plaits into more even shaping.

Another smart and decorative technique is to use twine made from hemp or yarn to spiral down your dreads. This can look awesome with different mixtures of colors and thickness.


  1. If you feel a headache from your newly twisted styling, you need to get them loosened. Migraines are never a good sign.
  2. Extend your styling by washing and cleaning your scalp before installing faux locs
  3. Moisturizing your natural hair will help keep it nourished and healthy.
  4. At night, go an extra step and wear a satin bonnet to protect those tresses.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Lifes what you wake it, So let’s make it right!


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Typically, no longer than 3 months (which includes regular hair appointments).

It’s not about how long “can” you keep your loc styles, but rather how long “should” you keep them. Part of having a loc hairstyle is hair care and maintenance because, directly, it’s almost a daily routine.

You have to upkeep your hair care periodically to keep the locs tight. You will also learn that you can’t maintain your hair too intensely.

You can potentially damage your hair by too much tightening or washing.  In a nutshell, faux locs are protective style and are not meant to be permanent.

Therefore, to stay on the safe side, we don’t recommend keeping them for more than 12 weeks.

Synthetic dreads are created to have natural hair characteristics because of regular strands—supposed not to fade quickly.

Time and everyday wear will cause them to loosen up and straighten out slowly. This loss of style will stark to look frizzy, and the hair will appear softer to the touch.

At this point, your locs are probably going to need to be re-styled to avoid looking like a hot mess. 

Instant locs are another term for faux locs or crochet braids. They are called instant because of how quickly the locs can be made on an already prepped base head. All that must be done to complete an instant loc is loop and tie.

No, they are relatively easy to take down.

You have to do it properly and not fight with your hair. Unlike twists or braids, faux locs are wrapped around your hair, so you wouldn’t take them down the same way you would other protective styles.

Faux locs hairs shouldn’t cause any damage if properly installed with a licensed hair specialist who understands the complexity of a growings kids skin complections and hair.


Having a hairstyle that you are comfortable carrying around as well as a style that accentuates your facial features should be as fundamental as eating breakfast in the morning.

Good hair days equal great days with that extra little boost of confidence every woman and man needs to feel amazing all day long.

Life is short. You might as well live it with really great hair.

We are so glad you got a chance to take an in-depth look at faux locs and all of their wonderful styles, installation methods, maintenance tips, removal routines and so much more.

Please consider extending our helpful education platform with a like, a share, or a comment below letting us know how we’re doing or perhaps, even a suggestion on what we’ve missed so we can add it to our next article update.

Thanks for reading! 

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