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Bohemian Locs, also known as Boho Locs, has become one of the most popular protective hairstyles. The creation of the beautiful bohemian locs was inspired by the cultural and spiritual hairstyle known as dreadlocks

The locs are typically different lengths and come very distressed. This style uses a mixture of synthetic fibers, human hair, bohemian hair, Marley to create those beautiful and bouncy curls. Sometimes the hair artists will use the hair that is commonly used in passion twists. The strands are dry to the touch and have a kinky curly appearance; encompassing and embracing that beachy island vibe.

The idea of the bohemian loc is to create a rougher and more naturally beautiful loc style. The iconic bohemian faux locs incorporate a curly hair strand hanging near the bottom of the flowing locks to give the hair a fuller and more naturally voluminous look.

The way you decide to style your boho faux locs is completely up to you. Just remember to add the curly hairpiece and you will definitely rock the loc.


I’m sure by now you must be wondering how can I create the gorgeous boho loc style for myself? Typically you would start the look the same way you would start box braids. Begin by creating sections of hair and using a gel to lock the separated partitions and to help lay the edges of the hair flat.

In order to create the goddess locs style, you would begin the braid in the exact same way you would start any basic box braid hairstyle.

After you have started the braid you can begin adding the faux locs into the hair. Make sure your locs have been pre-stretched. On each loc, roughly 4 inches down the hair you want to introduce your bohemian hair. Keep in mind you need to leave one strand out, this step is very important in creating the goddess look.

Start to braid downwards. Once you have braided down about 4-6 inches, stop. Braid the other end of the strand out and you will have created a curly end strand along with the other regular wavy ends.

Much like other knotless braids, Bohemian locks don’t have to be sealed at the end and can be left very curly instead. Although if you wanted to you could use a small flame or glue to help prevent the hair from unraveling.


When searching for bohemian faux locs, look for brands that offer pre-looped crochet braids and braids that are pre-stretched.

The pre-loop makes it very easy to install the hair. Loops are also very easy to hide. You want pre-stretched hair because bohemian locs require a rougher styling and more volume that isn’t the easiest to emulate.  Trying to produce volume with frizzy hair can be very laborious and look very unnatural. This pro tip can help black women and anyone else whose hair is naturally very coarse and kinky.


The best way to decorate your boho locs is with loc accessories. Let’s look deeper into all these accessories.

    These are some of the classiest accessories you can opt for. If you ever rock a faux locs look you must try hair cuffs hair loc cuffs add just the right amount of pop and elegance. They typically clamp right over your locks and just take a little squeeze.
    There are so many varieties of dreadlock beads in every color and shape. To install beads you just slide your locs through the bead hole and over a thick lump. Once the bead hole is tight and the bead doesn’t move you are finished
    Typically the coils are made of a polished thin copper wire gauge. The wire is woven around to create springs that are great for dreads. The springs typically can be stretched and pinched when around hair to help hold.
    Also known as corrie shells. They are used to symbolize protection from evil. These are the oldest form of decorating accessories locs. Many shells were collected and used to hold loc styles from unraveling as well as to decorate them.
    Strands of hemp are collected from the hemp plant and woven into fibers and strands. These strands are braided together to create cords. A cord is still thin and can be dyed in many colors. They are usually twisted around locs and tied off to create fashionable looks.


Bohemian Locs are protective hairstyles.  Protective hairstyles tuck ends of hair away and minimize manipulation. They limit the exposure to the weather. This helps keep hair healthy and lasting longer(1). The styling still allows your natural hair to grow. Protective styles still require natural hair care and maintenance. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your locs to reach their full potential and help with any maturing.


The best way to extend the life of your hair is properly protecting the hair and keeping it clean. Your hair can be damaged anywhere. Keeping your style looking fresh and new can a constant battle. You can damage your hair when you sleep, shower, and touch it. Hopefully, we can help you maintain that look with some of these helpful suggestions.


If you are planning on laying around on the couch all day or not going out in public, you might want to wrap your hair up in a silk bonnet. When you rub your hair on clothes and walls it picks up lint and dirt as well as causes small abrasions along the strands. This can dull your look or even damage the hair. A silk bonnet can help protect your hair because silk is very smooth and will limit the amount of contact with foreign contaminants. Make sure to wrap your hair to maintain the styling as much as possible.


Hair movement while you slumber is why we get “bed head.” Many of us move around in our sleep. Every time you toss and turn you risk tangling your hair and creating frizz (2).

We recommend a softer pillowcase. Textiles with smoother textures and higher thread counts are softer and slicker. These are two main factors when purchasing a pillowcase that you need to look for. If you are a regular dread head you definitely need to toss the velcro and get yourself some silk! Anything to help lower the friction on your hair at night.


Wrap your locs up and place them in a shower cap. Don’t wash your hair every night in the shower. A cap will help hold your hair from moving around. Water relaxes and hydrates the cuticle. This helps hairs slip past each other and tighten up. This also can be used to loosen stylings. While you shampoo and condition you agitate your hair strands and roots messing up the styling.  A shower cap will help prevent this damage by holding the styles together with less movement.


All these hairstyles are variations of faux locs or “imitation dreadlocks.” Faux locs are made of different combinations of synthetic hair and human hair types that are attached to your natural hair using a crochet hair tool, braid, or twist hair technique.

The style depends on the hair you use. You can use wavy and curly end hairs like in goddess faux locs or rougher shiny hairs like in boho locs. The same hair can be used in spring twist and passion twist because of their texture.  Instead of creating locs normally, you twist the hair very tightly around the braids to create the twist locs.


Many of these hairstyles start with cornrows or braids as the foundation to attach the hair extensions to. With a crotchet needle or tool, you introduce your locs crochet hair through the braids. As we discussed before, the braiding technique leaves curly hair close to the end of the locs. This is a signature bohemian look. The same technique is used to start gypsy and mermaid locs.


Both of these locs are considered very similar techniques by many professionals. The main difference in colors and hair accessories. Gypsy locs use more purple and pink colors with ombre colored highlights in the hair. Mermaid styling uses a more blue and light green color with some highlights of bronde in lighter hair.

Both styles incorporate the same loc stylings as boho or goddess locs with their signature curly end. After the locs are added you would begin adding an extra strand of hair in between curly faux locs. This is how you achieve this new trendy look. The extra hair added to the head after finishing the first locs is what gives you that mermaid gypsy look.



    The iconic distressed look you see all over the internet is an art form. Many will watch hundreds of tutorials from all over the united states and still never master this technique. To begin properly you must start with the roots.

    You want to backcomb the roots just a little to add volume and frizz, almost like creating multiple afros; one afro for each individual loc of hair.  For the best boho faux locs use strands with lots of texture and waves. You should never try and backcomb your extensions to add more distress. You run the risk of damaging the locs and ruining the product. If you need a more distressed loc you should check out some of our boho products!


    Our experienced stylist recommends not keeping the style for more than 2 months.  We also recommend that you do weekly hair care maintenance to keep the style looking great and feeling healthy. It’s always safe to visit a professional once a month!


    Bohemian Braiding hair varies on pricing. There are cheaper options for less than 80 dollars for a whole set that will work great.  We recommend looking at the product specifications. Finding out what hair and fibers are used to create the product. You get what you pay for. Unless you buy from a well-known brand, try to avoid buying random locs hair extensions on amazon.  It just never works out and when it doesn’t, the customer service is horrible. Just our two cents.

    Synthetic fibers are typically cheaper unless you go with kanekalon or Bobbi boss nu loc hair products. These are high-quality synthetic fibers.  Remy human hair and virgin hair is going to be the most expensive of the human hair fibers. Stay away from yarns because they tend to make the hair look less natural. A boho hairstyle needs to have a realistic hair look and feel.  Things like hair color and length are going to be big factors in how much your pay as well as many strands you will need to complete your full head of hair.


    It’s difficult to remove faux loc stylings. They can take up a lot of your time and sometimes the hair is too matured to even detangle. Boho locs are no exception. Because of the technique used to add the hair some times, this can seem impossible.  Begin by trimming off and “sealed tips.” By sealed we mean any hair that was melted or glued to stop it from unraveling.

    If you sealed the hair multiple times down the loc, it’s just best to cut 1 inch above the highest seal you created. Once the seal is broken you can begin to unravel the braiding. Make sure to undo the loc in reverse of how you added them. Once the hairpiece is successfully removed, move onto the next loc, and repeat the process.

    Once all locs are removed wash your hair properly. Use a good shampoo that doesn’t leave a residue. After cleaning make sure to use a conditioner that will lock in moisture as well as add some nourishing essential oils to your hair.


    If you didn’t trim, cut, glue, or burn the Boho locs then yes. If you can successfully unbraid your hair, you can reuse any strands that are not damaged or starting to break. These recycled strands can be added to newer strands to make more textured hairstyles.


Bohemian locs can increase the attractiveness of your hair portfolio. Knowing what it takes to create the look, maintain the look, and protect the styling will help you keep and enjoy your Boho Locs for as long as possible.

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