How to accessorize faux locs

Your locs giving you those Rihanna feels. Still not satisfied enough with them. We feel you. Just add some bling! A simple hair accessory can bring your faux locs to life and give them a new twist. Here, we have curated a list of some of the most popular hair accessories that you can use for giving your locs that extra glam.

1. The classic: Hair Cuffs

Hair cuffs are the classiest accessory you can opt for your locs. Everyone who rocks a faux locs look have wore hair cuffs at one point or another. You can never o wrong with cuffs. They just add the right amount of pop and elegance to your locs.

2. Hair jewellery

There is wide variety of hair jewellery available in the market. It totally depends upon you what kind of vibe you are feeling and what kind of jewellery will go with it. You can rock cuffs with strings and shells or whatever you like. You can mix and match them for a funky look.

3. With Shells

If you going on a vacay to a beach spot, or you’re just feeling that whole beachy vibe then shells are the perfect accessories you can opt for your locs. They give off a whole beachy vibe. With the summer season coming up shells are the perfect accessory for giving off that summer vibe. Plus, shells and shell jewellery are so in trend right now. They can create a beautiful contrast against the backdrop of your faux locs. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend it.

4. With Hemp Cords

You can pick up hemp cords in a variety of colours at your local fabric store. You can just simply wrap or twist the hemp cords around your faux locs strands for a colourful look. You can choose the cords according to your outfit or your makeup. If you are going for a monochrome look like an all pink or peachy look, you can opt for a pink coloured cord and wrap it around your locs for a full pink vibe.

5. With hair Coils

Hair coils are a very IT accessory right now. They come in the shade of Gold, silver and copper or rose gold sort of for some. They are available in a variety of patterns in the market and they look very bomb when they are wrapped around your faux locs. Hair coils make up for a statement piece and is surely going to grab everyone’s attention wherever you go.

6. DIY jewellery

When it comes to accessorizing your locs, there’s always a place for DIY jewellery. You can pick up different types of beads, strings and make your own hair accessories. You can make different kinds of loc ties and loc adornments of your choice, length. Your hair jewellery is going to be as unique as you.