The Best Dreadlock Beads For Locs In 2021


Dreadlock beads offered in four different varieties.

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If you have dreadlocks or faux locs, we believe it’s needless to say that hair accessories are a must-have, and today we

are honing in specifically on DREADLOCK BEADS!  These loc beads aren’t just made for their aesthetics either, they also work really well by helping you maintain those frizzy and loose locs that always seem to make an appearance at the worst possible times.

So you see, they are truly a MUST-HAVE!

In this post, we are going to cover the following topics:

  • what they are
  • the best dreadlock beads and loc jewelry we’ve found online
  • how to install them
  • answer the frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Directly, they are a type of dreadlock jewelry that can also be recognized as an assistant for helping maintain frizzy/loose locs. Some people wear faux locs or grow dreadlocks for cultural or spiritual purposes. Thus, for these people, dread beads can also be blessed to bring spiritual healing and energy to others and to themselves.


Reason #1, THEY ARE EXTREMELY POPULAR!  If you ever get the pleasure of seeing an entire crowd of people who all have dreadlocks, chances are, more than half the crowd will be wearing some type of dreadlock hair accessory.  Everyone, even celebrities, likes to add a little more flair and glam to their lifestyles, so, why not your hair as well?

Reason #2, VARIETY!  Dreadlock beads come in all different shapes and sizes.  They can be made of seashells, wood, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, stainless steel, plastic, and silicone.  Some of the more premium and high-end beads are made with genuine gemstones, Swarovski crystals, local-Chinese crystals, birthstones, and rhinestones.

Reason #3, THEY LOOK FANTASTIC IN ALL DIFFERENT LOC STYLES.   Dread beads can become your best faux loc or real dreadlock hair accessory. This dreadlock jewelry option can literally help fix and remold those misshapen dreads into the exact size and style that you demand.

Life is too short to have hair that you don’t love.

Now that you know what they are and the top reasons why you should buy them, we present to you…


According to, dreadlock beads are like dreadlock adornments.  Wow, adornment is a powerful word. To us, “to adorn” is to showcase your own personal style, your beliefs, your desires, your passions.  And these online loc shops will help you do just that as well as help you promote your free and natural tresses.

  1. Loc Accessories, Beads, Jewelry, & More!
  2. The Superdread Shop
  3. The Twist Braid Snap

We are positive that you will likely be able to find exactly what you were looking for from one of the listed options above, so now, we’re going to talk about how to actually attach them to your locs.


Dreadlock beads are not hard to install. You simply apple a bead to the bread lock by sticking the dread through the bead. If you need a big hole bead just grab a larger one. It’s best to have a variety of sizes. Sometimes you will need a smaller hole size. If the lock is very misshapen, you might want to try a dreadlock bead shell.


What is the spiritual meaning of dreadlocks?

Today, dreadlocks signify a culture-based hairstyle that also has spiritual intent.  A natural, yet supernatural hairstyle with strong acknowledgments for interconnectivity, non-violence, non-conformity, communalism, and socialistic values.  The most popular spiritual group that respects locs more than any other are known as Rastafarians, Rastas for short.

When can I put beads in my dreads?

You don’t have to wait, to add hair jewelry to your hair. Dreadlock beads can be added the second the loc is twisted. These DIY loc jewelry should fit nice and snug, tight enough that they don’t move around. They shouldn’t be too tight, because you want them to be nonpermanent. They are just hair accessories.

Different Dreadlock Bead hole sizes:

Dreadlock beads can range from typically the smallest being a 5mm hole, and 6mm hole. The average-sized ranging from 8mm hole to 12mm hole. Sizes of beads range to the largest of a 24mm hole. The beads accessories are usually packaged in 20pcs For each size. For Jumbo Braids larger than 24mm, try Dreadlock cuff clips.

Can you shower with hair beads?

If your beads are not made of wood or an absorbent material, it’s totally okay if they get wet.  We definitely recommend following the exact instructions suggested by the specific manufacture thought.  Most dread accessories are made out of stone. As long as you feel okay with showering with your dreads you should be fine to shower with your dreadlock beads. You tend to not want to remove your hair accessories too often. To much removing the beads and replacing them can cause entanglement and frizz with the dreadlocks.

If you are in need of removing the hair accessories often to shower, you might try hair clips. Hair clips are more versatile and allow the removal of the clips daily. Most hair clips are made of a metal material that is coated to not rust. This protective layer doesn’t last forever and the hair clips could runes the locs.

Hair clips are also good at holding bead sets in that have loosened up and are beginning to fall off.

What do wooden beads represent?

Wood Beads can represent creativity, earthliness, liberty, and new age spirituality. The wood beads are also used in prayer and in meditation and yoga practices.

Is Amethyst safe to wear In dreadlocks?

Wearing Methods of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst gives so many benefits to its wearer. It is one of the healing stones to calm and protect the mind. When making jewelry out of amethyst, only use silver.

What are dreadlock beads cuffs for?

Metal Dread Cuffs or filigree are easy to fit and can be pulled open to fit almost any size hair dreads. Not only do they look great as hair decorations but they are functional too – perfect for hiding any lumps, bumps, or loops.

What are the best types of beads to use for hair extensions?

The following is a list of the best materials used to manufacture loc beads:

  • Stainless steel
  • Tibetan silver
  • Sterling Silver
  • Filigree Cuff Clips
  • Barrel Beads
  • Shell cuff clips
  • Hair Coils
  • Bead Cuff Clips
  • hair braid rings

What are those gold jewelry-looking things I always see on dreadlocks?

The gold things usually found on dreadlocks are known as Hair cuffs.  Gold hair cuffs are the most popular but you can always get them in other colors, even multicolor options are available. Other options are silver dreadlock beads, pink, purple, blue, and green. Add them to braids, locs, twists, cornrows, and updos.

Can you crochet or braid the beads into locs?

You can, the question is, should you. If your braids are permanent, we don’t recommend braiding the beads, rather just slip them over the locks. When you add beads, you add weight. You don’t want too much tension on your scalp. This can cause breakage.


We hope you enjoyed this article, follow us for more dreadlock and faux loc tips, tutorials, & advice, and the best crochet faux loc products!

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