The word "Malliá" means "hair" in Greek.
The word "Malliá" means "hair" in Greek.

Some cute and artistic ideas for Short Faux Locs


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Short Locs with shaved sides

Table of Contents

Faux locs is one of those hairstyles which instantly adds a touch of glam to your overall look. It is such a fuss-free hairstyle that gives you the exact look of dreads without all the commitment issues. There’s no prerequisite for getting short faux locs and to makes things even better, you have LOTS OF OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM.

done on all kinds of hair types as well as lengths. Faux locs hairstyles are a great alternative and it doesn’t require a daily dose of maintaining your locs either.

Short faux locs are the most easy-going locs that you can get if you are opting for them for the first time. If you are one of those girls who can’t manage long hair then it will be probably a little harder for you to maintain long locs as well. And here comes the short faux locs in the picture. They look super cute yet chic and are very easy to manage as well.  Today we are going to share with you some very cute and artistic hairstyles that you can do with your short faux locs.


If you have prominent facial features then this might be your go-to hairstyle. It will look really flattering on your face while at the same time accentuating your facial features.

Some cute - crochet faux locs


A bob of shoulder-length is always and will forever be an elegant choice. You can add some definition to your bob by adding a touch of waves into it. Wavy hair – the best hair, right?

Some cute 2 - crochet faux locs


You can never go wrong with some shaved sides on your mane. A strip of short faux locs down the center with shaved sides is really going to highlight those cheekbones of yours. Adding some big statement earrings is not going to hurt either.

Some cute 3 - crochet faux locs


With short faux locs if you are trying to add length then you can do so by leaving your ends loose and free. It is going to create the illusion of a lengthened hairstyle and will look great and stylish too.

Some cute 4 - crochet faux locs


Giving a hint of color to your mane doesn’t hurt anyone. And it is very simple in the case of faux locs. You don’t have to bleach or do anything extra. You can simply choose your preferred color in the synthetic strips and get them done to your hair.

Some cute 5 - crochet faux locs


You can never go wrong with some classic hairstyles. Sometimes less is more. You can always just do a nice side part and let your locs be. If you want you can add some bling by adding some statement jewelry to your locs.

Some cute 6 - crochet faux locs


Layers in a hairstyle create the illusion of volume. And honestly who doesn’t like a little extra volume. You can give your short faux locs a hint of glam by getting them done in a layered form.

Some cute 7 - crochet faux locs


If you are someone who does not have those long thick hair but rather a thin dull mane. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Micro locs are a variation of faux locs that can be done on a thin mane. It will work well with low-density manes. It will give you a more delicate feminine look and will be a perfect option for some gram-worthy pictures.

Some cute 8 - crochet faux locs


A color that is going to give you the appearance of actual dreadlocks is a perfect option you can go for. You can never go overboard with it since the length will compensate for the rest of your look.

Some cute 9 - crochet faux locs


Don’t think that since you installed short faux locs that now you can’t opt for a classic bun. Short faux locs gives you a variety of options for some fun updos. If you are someone who likes to wear a number of hairstyles then you can opt for thinner locs as they are comparatively easier to clip and mold into different hairstyles.  Click here for more faux loc buns.

Some cute 10 1 - crochet faux locs

I hope this article has proved helpful to you and has surely given you some major inspo for all the different hairstyle ideas you can go for if you are wearing short faux locs on your mane. Till then, stay stylish.

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