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Looking for premium quality hair that outlasts all other real human hair extensions?

Remy’s hair is not only the highest quality, but it is the most natural human hair extension sold on the market and we are going to tell you all about it as well as show you some of the best places where you can get your very own Remy hair!

Beautiful african american black woman with long remy hair weave halo installed in her hair.


Remy or “Remi” refers to a bundle of 100% human hair collected in a tedious fashion that preserves the alignment of every hair strand and its outer cuticle layer.

Remy hair is used in a wide variety of hair extensions including faux locs, box braids, hair twists, weaves, and dreadlocks.

Hair cuticles in remy hair aligned in the same direction with healthy remy hair fibers.
Remy hair bundle cutile alignment fiber strands - crochet faux locs

A hair bundle is not considered “Remy” if the hair strands are not facing the same way or if the hair has been collected from more than one donor. This includes hair that was souced correctly but not in a unilateral direction.

These hairs should not be damaged or cleaned with any acid or chemicals that could potentially hurt the hair’s integrity of the cuticle layer!

Image of remy hair strand with all three layers including the cortex, medullar, and cuticle.


When it comes to owning the most realistic human hair weave or extensions, there’s nothing better than using actual healthy human hair fibers! This is why it is imperative that the hair strands used are of the highest quality cuticle condition

The cuticle controls the porosity of hair fibers. When it’s wet, your cuticles close up and prevent the hair strands from absorbing too much water. When it’s dry, your cuticles help lock in moisture and keep each strand nourished. 

Microscopic image rendering of remy hair fiber with partial damage to cuticle layer.

Without healthy cuticles, your hair would dry out or swell depending on humidity and weather conditions. 

Remy hair cuticle porosity chart with 3 difference hair types

Cuticles also act like tiny scales that, when aligned in the same direction, have a lower likeness to snag or tangle

This is why it’s essential when collecting Remy human hair extensions that the hair is adequately inspected so that every strand meets the best standards!


Remy’s hair is collected directly from a female’s head. Remy virgin hair goes through rigorous screening and testing. Each strand needs to have no damage to the outer cuticle layer. 

Raised cuticle vs healthy remy hair cuticle under microscope.

The process of collecting Remy Human Hair:

(Hair bundles can be in any size in length)

  1. Hair is tied in bundles with zip ties or rubber bands to keep the hair aligned together and prevent tangling.
  2. Hair is cut with standard haircutting scissors. 
  3. Once the complete weft of natural hair has been collected, it is quickly packaged and sealed in order to avoid further damage.
  4. Hair should never be combined with other hair bundles. 


Virgin remy hair fiber collection in factory from over seas including brazil and malaysia.
Virgin remy hair extensions collected directly from females and young woman.


Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic swept our nation, it has been hard to find quality Remy hair extensions!

Luckily for everyone, hairstylists have taken to the internet to help us during our times in need.

Check out some of these premium quality wigs and hair extensions that we think you might like! But just to be clear some of these links below are commissioned earned through the amazon affiliated marketing program and we are required to let you know “As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.”


First on our list is the lovely Annelbel lace front wig with 100 percent Remy hair. This lace front wig offers authentic straight hair with natural curls and waves. The complete lace front wig makes for effortless installation.

Each wig comes with pre-plucked hair and natural-looking baby hairs. Check it out with the link below!


Body Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Pre Plucked Bleached Knots with Baby Hair Glueless 4×4 Brazilian Virgin Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs for Black Women Natural Color 150 Density


For my ladies out there who just want seamless hair clips, check out some of these light blonde and balayage Remy human hair extensions.

These clip-in Remy hair extensions are 100 percent Remy hair and are ready for installation upon delivery. 

With seamless clips, these hair bundles will be ready for your next big night out!


Moresoo Hair Extensions Tape in Blonde Mixed Natural Hair Extensions 20inch Hair Extensions Real Human Hair 20Pieces/50Grams Thick Hair Remy Tape in Hair Extensions


For all my beautiful black women, Try out a beautiful Miss Gaga Water wave or Amella Hair Brazilian Virgin hair wig.

Both of these wigs below use yaki remy hair that has more natural kinks with unprocessed wavyness. These will pair gorgeously with any kinky hair textures.


Water Wave Bundles with Closure (20 22 24 26+18) Brazilian Virgin Human Hair 100% Unprocessed Natural Wave Hair Wet and Wavy 4 Bundles with 4×4 Lace Closure Free Part


Remy hair extensions are the best quality hair fibers on the market. These hairs have many benefits and are considered a luxury! These are just some of the benefits:

  • Perfect for blending naturally with your natural hair.
  • Longer Lasting strands look great for up to a year (Check out our loc maintenance guide for the best hair care tips and routines. 
  • Natural hair looks because it’s Real Human Hair!
  • Available in wefts, bundles, clip-ins, body waves, halos, human hair wigs, hair lace closures, and faux locs!
  • Hair alignment reduces tangling and frizz.


There are two main categories of Remy’s hair. 

Virgin and non virgin chart showing the differences between both remy hair fibers

Virgin hair is untouched human hair. This means other than regular styling, this hair has never been dyed, permed, or treated. Virgin hair is the most desired quality of human hair extensions.

Unlike virgin Remy human hair, Non-Virgin hair can be dyed, treated, permed, and acid washed. Non-virgin Remy hair is still a high quality of hair extensions, and it’s is just not as authentic or natural looking as complete virgin Remy hair. 

This hair is often used in non-Remy hair weaves as a filler to add volume to many wigs and extensions. 

Another popular Remy hair that is gaining a lot of traction for our beautiful dark-skinned ladies!

Black girl model with long yaki hair textured hair design remy hair extensions in her hair.


Yaki hair is starting to gain popularity as an excellent option for kinky hair extensions. Yaki Remy hair is hair that isn’t treated and is collected directly from a donor or producer. This hair has a coarse natural appearance that looks chemically-relaxed, Caribbean, or Afro Caribbean textured.


We are glad you stopped by and took the time to learn just a little bit more about Remy hair. If you still have unanswered questions, check out our FAQ below. Don’t forget to submit your name and email to sign up for our updates and news!


Most frequent questions and answers

Remy hair can cost anywhere from $100- 300 for just hair bundles or wefts. Full hair wigs with complete Remy hair can cost upwards of $1500 – 10,000. 

Remy’s hair is sold online and in salons and beauty stores. Ensure the hair products are made with high-quality grade Remy hair fibers.

Remy’s hair is human hair. Remy’s hair is tediously combed to filter out any minor or damaged hairs. Therefore Remy’s hair might appear more luxurious when compared to human hair that hasn’t been maintained with proper hair care. 

Remy hair can last you up to a full year when properly maintained. Many wefts and clip-in hair extensions can be used time and time again. This excludes tape in hairpieces as these are typically one-time-use products. 

Yes, one of the beneficial factors to purchasing Remy’s hair is that each hair’s cuticles are intact, and each fiber is water-resistant and safe to get wet!

Remy hair cuticles are in a unilateral direction that is less lightly to tangle or snag. This helps reduce frizz and keeps your hair looking great!

Yes, virgin hair extensions are the best for bleach and dye to change the hair colors. Because the hair hasn’t been treated or chemically altered, it is excellent for dying with minimal damage to each fiber. This is great for creating ombre or balayage hairstyles. Avoid harsh chemicals and only use natural lightening and darkening techniques for the most realistic appearance.

Remy’s hair is not supposed to be coated or treated with any products to avoid affecting the natural look or feel. 

Yes, Remy’s hair is just like your own hair. Remy’s hair can be straightened, curled, twisted, braided, or dyed to pull off any hairdo. Use a low heat setting to avoid burning the hair’s cuticles. 

Brazilian hair is great for African Americans because of the curly hair characteristics that Brazilians have naturally. Unlike Malaysian doners with very straight hair, Brazilians have more coarse and textured hair with natural deep waves. 

No, Nothing compares to natural human hair. Synthetic fibers are made to look and feel like real hair, but when examined under a microscope, there are significant differences. Synthetic hair doesn’t flow and feel as accurate as human hair but can be produced with very high-quality characteristics—checkout more info on synthetic fibers in another one of our insightful blog posts.

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