Getting Faux locs done to your mane is one thing and styling them to get a sophisticated chic look is another.

Let’s be honest faux locs look gorgeous. And styling them into various faux locs hairstyles gives your overall look an edge from the other women out there or wherever you go. Faux locs and the various faux locs hairstyles are so versatile. Whether you are experimenting with faux locs or gearing up for the summers, to have a few hairstyles ideas in your sleeves is surely going to come handy for you.

Here we have curated a list of the classiest and the chicest hairstyles that you can try if you have got faux locs on your mane. Styling instantly adds a touch of charm to your look.

Having a hairstyle that is appropriate according to your face, that you are comfortable carrying around as well as a style which accentuates your facial features is very important. A good hair day surely does give you that extra boost of confidence so that you can conquer the world. Well, as it’s said – Life is short. You might as well live it with really great hair.

A few faux locs hairstyles inspo for you to try on for a super chic look

Gypsy Crochet Locs

One of the most common faux locs hairstyle opted by every other woman is gypsy crochet locs. Its so lightweight and give your hair a soft texture and its perfect for everyday wear. Gypsy locs are done for giving your hair a softer human hair like texture and feels really lightweight on your head.

Curly Crochet Locs

If you are bored of your plain straight faux locs, you can give your faux locs hairstyle a twist by curling them. You curl either the whole, or in sections or just the ends, whichever way you like. Make a statement wherever you go. Curly crochet locs gives you that gorgeous volume which is needed for a gorgeous looking mane.

Crochet Faux Locs Bun

This faux locs hairstyle is just perfect for the summer when you are running errands. Toss your faux locs into a top bun and you are good to go. Pulling up your locs in a high-top bun is an effortless way to pull off a regal look. If you got long and thick locs then this is the style for you.

Faux Locs Braids

There are a lot of ways to wear a braided look. You can either just braid all your locs into a single braid or you can do some sections and make a braid out of each one of them. Braid your locs and wear them in the shape of a headband and let the rest of your locs loose for a regal look. You can also add some highlighted hair in your braid to make it stand out even more.

Faux Locs Bob

This is perhaps one of the chicest faux locs hairstyle you could go for. It’s the perfect length and is great for those who want the dread look but don’t want them to be really long. Look runway ready from the moment you wake up. The short and loose bouncy bob is a very trendy and flattering style.

Crochet Boho Locs

If you are one of those people whose statement style is bohemian and you love all pieces in a way style, this is the perfect faux locs hairstyle for you. It gives a really cool chic boho vibe to your overall look. Crochet boho locs are much rougher in texture. They have waves throughout the hairstyle.

Faux Locs bangs

Bangs are a perfect way to shape your face. If you want to highlight those facial features this is your faux locs hairstyle to go to. Whether your bangs are heavy or wispy, long or cropped they not only model your hairstyle but also play an important role in shaping your face.

Goddess Locs

Goddess locs are the perfect, celebs approved and one of the most gorgeous faux locs hairstyles. You can take cue from Meagan Good as she has fashioned it several times over the years. Her goddess faux locs hairstyle choices have served us some major hair goals over the years.