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Creating a beautiful crochet hair style can be difficult and require a lot of commitment. Thankfully there’s a new effortless way to get any loc style commitment-free!

Short box crochet hair tutorial main image of model light skinned hispanic female.

This article is to help with the creation of your very own Crochet Hairstyle!

This tutorial covers many crochet hair extensions. Expand the blocks below to confirm your crochet hairstyle can be installed using our crochet hair techniques. 

  • Faux Locs – These imitation dreadlocks look realistic and are usually made with high-quality kanekalon hair made in small, medium, large, and jumbo loc sizes. 
  • Crochet Loc Styles – With so many popular styles crafted into easy-to-use crochet loc styles, now you can have them all with a click of the wrist!
  • Goddess faux locs – The lovely Goddess locs capture the goddess wrap and loose curly open ends that everyone loves so much!
  • Butterfly Locs – These beautiful distressed locs incorporate loose wrappings that look like thousands of gorgeous butterflies in every butterfly locs crochet hair. 
  • Crochet Braids Hairstyles – No more wasted time attempting to get those braids right. Just weave those crochet box braids in for perfect plaits every time!
  • Crochet Twists – Stop spending all day twirling hair twists when you can get a wonder-full passion twist, spring twist, bomb twist, and Senegalese twist with professional twist hair twirls!
  • Bohemian Locs – Boho locs for short; these up-and-coming loc hairstyles look great with loose curls and distressed locs that install quickly with crochet hair! 
  • Curly Crochet Hair – When you need just the right amount of human hair, add some curly hair tresses with simple to use pre loops for fast and efficient installation like in famous mermaid loc looks
  • Crochet Micro Braids – put away that microscope and get the job done right with micro braids that are so intricate you couldn’t have done better yourself!
  • Un Looped Braiding Hair – All braiding hair, including pre-stretched braiding hairs, synthetic braiding hair, and crochet braiding hair extensions, is covered in another one of our blog posts. This includes collections from sensationnel lulutress, freetress, water wave, and outre x-pression. 
  • Marley Hair – This hair is sometimes used to hide the knots created at the attachment point of the crochet hair styles. It is sometimes referred to as Jamaican hair because of its natural kinky texture. 
  • Twist Braids – Styles that require twisting the hair are not covered unless the twist out is completed and the loc only needs to be installed. 
  • Knotless hair braids – Click the link for a tutorial on knotless braid tutorials.
  • Pixie Styles – Any style smaller than a bob hairstyle isn’t covered on our site. 


The “Pre-loop” technique allows anyone to achieve their favorite loc styles without the trouble of intertwining, sowing, knotless braiding, or the use of any hair products! 

Long black nu loc crochet loc hairstyle - crochet faux locs

The secret to this enormous time saver was adding the small loop added to the top of the professional handmade locs. 


Crochet locs equipped with a premade loop are intended to install directly to your natural hair. This helps achieve a more realistic appearance with natural textures that blend comfortably together. 

Two crochet needles for latch hooking yarn or hair with pink handles


  • Six-packs of 20-inch GODDESS NU LOCS


The term HAIR BASE references any hairstyle that creates possible attachment points for a crochet hair loop. The best stylings are going to be comfortable and considered protective hairstyles. 

It would be best if you decided on what hair base works best for you. The two most common hair base choices are CORNROWS AND BOX BRAIDS!

Standard regular size cornrow complete front side view - crochet faux locs


The best way to achieve any crochet loc hairstyle is with your hair adequately prepared in a cornrow design. 

Option 1 – Standard Cornrows

This method involves a standard cornrow design with 6-9 rows of flat braids that run from the front of your head directly to the back. The ends of the braids are then woven together to keep the design very balanced.

Cornrow crochet hair styles with leave out on black girls head.

Option 2 – Cornrow with Leave Out

We have deemed this crochet hairstyle method the “cornrows with the leave-out technique.” It is by far the best way to attach any faux locs, crochet braid, hair twist, or imitation dreadlock!

  1. Start the cornrows about 2 inches or more from the front of your hairline and around the side edges. 
  2. This allows the stylist to then evenly section the 2 inches of hair from the user’s hairline into normal-sized box sections that can be braided, and if needed, baby hairs laid. 
Box braid hair base for crochet hair and synthetic braid hair extensions.


Box braids are a favorite method used to install crochet locs, braids, and faux locs. 

This technique alone, without the use of cornrows, will not require as many locs. This is because the hair is sectioned into boxes that will then be braided outwards in an overlapping hair pattern. 

Burgundy long crochet loc hair extensions pre looped on black model - crochet faux locs


Creating the best hairstyles with crochet locs, braids, and twists. The hard part is already behind you. Follow along as we answer some questions along the way.

STEP 1 – Begin by grabbing your first crochet hair loc. Locate the open center of the pre-loop.

Pre looped crochet hair locs branding extensies with three locs.

STEP 2 – Insert your crochet tool under the decided hair base near the rear of the head until the hook is visibly through entirely.

Crochet hair install looped crochet hair styles - crochet faux locs

STEP 3 – Now hook the pre-looped end over the crochet tools hook and precisely pull the loc back through the entry point.

Knotting crochet hair styles crochet hair knot with finger - crochet faux locs

STEP 4 – Once the loop has cleared the hair base through the entry point, unhook the loop and tie the loc by intertwining the hairpiece through its own loop.

Position crochet knot naturally on black model - crochet faux locs

STEP 5 – Pull the knot tight and align it, so the loc looks like natural human hair.

Steps 1 through 5 are repeated with every crochet hair loc until the desired thickness of hair extensions is achieved.


Check out Beauty Goddess’s Youtube tutorial on installing crochet hair locs for beginners. This video offers an easy-to-follow crochet loc installation that really makes the whole process seem so simple. 


We meant Hugging the BRAIDS but hugging each other is good too!

This section is for if you used braids with the leave-out cornrow method or completely box braided your entire head.

  1. Begin with the distressed locs already tied around the base of your braided plaits.
  2. At about 3/4 the measurement of the length of your braid, begin to unravel the crochet deep twist wrap. 
  3. Once the loc is unraveled about halfway, stick the crochet hook down the loc and out near the bottom, above the knot that attached the crochet hair extension. 
  4. Attach the tip of your braid to the crochet hook and pull it back through the center and out the entry point.
  5. Repeat this until the braided plait is completely hidden.
  6. Steps 1 through 5 are repeated until all available sections of hair have been completely wrapped and hidden away under your new crochet locs. 

Once you have that final technique finished you be all ready to rock your very own crochet hair style! Check out some of these awesome ladies with their beautiful crochet looks!


Crochet hair extensions are by far the best way to get any popular loc, twist, or braid hair look. These beautiful crochet hair locs take all the time out of having to work on each individual plait and instead puts all the attention on attaching the locs correctly and in a pattern that fits your look comfortably. Check out some of the other key features that will benefit you from installing these locs. 

  • Effortless installation!
  • Accessibility to the top stylist-created looks!
  • Low-Maintenance hair care for fewer salon visits!
  • A protective style that allows for natural growth!
  • Lightweight and Comfortable!


Most frequent questions and answers

Crochet hairstyles are growing in popularity and can now be installed in most women’s salons. The average cost ranges from $50 – $150, depending on the style and amount of work required. 

We couldn’t just choose one style to be considered the best since each one has something beneficial and unique. 

When we mention crochet, we talk about techniques that require some crochet needle or small device to complete the installation effortlessly. 

The term crotchet is used in music to describe a note that lasts a quarter or half a whole tone and is usually depicted with a large dot with a singular stew. 

No, when installed correctly by a trained professional with braiding experience, there shouldn’t be any damage or excessive tension that causes discomfort. 

Yes, human hair extensions exist. Crochet locs, hair, and braids are created with human hair or synthetic fibers. Only the highest quality strands are selected for each loc. 

Curly crochet styles can last up to 3 1/2 Months or 15 weeks with proper maintenance and hair care. Establish your own hair cair regimen and routine at

The best method to install any crochet hairstyle is with a cornrow leave-out technique. This allows for the most realistic appearance to others unembellished depictions of natural contemporary locs. 

Crochet locs, hair, braids, and twists come in various hair colors, including two-tone mixes and ombre fading patterns. Many newer loc crochet hair colors are designed to help enhance your updo with more depth and natural reflections. This is most obvious with the off-black hair colors!

A pixie cut is still okay to use when installing crochet hair and loc extensions as long as the pixie cut can be arranged in a cornrow base or sectioned into evenly sized box braids. 

Frizz is the number one indication that a crochet hair style is past its lifespan. To help extend the life of your locs, use safe synthetic moose and avoid additional agitation to locs.

A crochet weave is essentially the same thing as crochet hair or locs, except the hair is clumped together in more significant groupings for quicker installation with neater strand placement. Crochet weaves can be combined onto a lace front wig or full lace wig for a complete sew-in crochet braids hair wig. 

Pre looping involves folding to create a double-ended piece before starting the initial wrap, braid, or twist. 

Curly locs and hair extensions always require just a little bit more attention than standard faux locs because of their changes of interlacing with other curly strands. A simple finger combing is sufficient enough to unwind the crochet braid hair. 


We hope you now fully understand how to install your faux locs or crochet hair locs correctly to achieve the most beautiful and realistic hairstyle you have ever worn before!

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