Grey is the perfect neutral colour these days.

It can moderate brighter hues or can altogether pull off a colour scheme. Grey is the new black these days. It looks elegant, cool and chic at the same time. The grey hair trend has pretty much taken the internet by storm. Fashioning grey crochet faux locs will be decision you are never going to regret, trust us! There are a lot of ways to try out the grey trend. You can opt for full fleshed grey crochet faux locs and wear them long or mid length depending upon your choice. They are going to look GORGEOUS. Also take into consideration when we are talking about the grey hair trend we are talking about really light and bright coloured grey.

Dark grey may look similar to black and a little dull as well.

You can also rock grey crochet locs by mixing them with black crochet locs. You can also do a side shave of your head and then rock the grey crochet locs. Apart from mixing them with black locs you can also use colours like blue or purple or any colour of your choice that you like with your grey locs and rock them with full confidence.