Who isn’t a fan of Meagan Good? Her Goddess Faux Locs hairstyle choices have served us some major hair goals over the years.

The gorgeous goddess locs she fashioned in the premiere of the movie “The star” was the talk of the town for quite a time and had fans all around the globe drooling over her hairstyle. Goddess locs is a hairstyle that is created with human hair and is comparatively lighter in weight than the other kind of faux locs hairstyles. They look more natural as well as more authentic. The ends in this hairstyle are wavy rather than straight and kind of stiff which distinguishes it from the other faux locs hairstyle. You can do this at home by yourself or with the help of your friend or better by hiring a professional as these things can a little tricky. You need to have the right technique for doing them otherwise it can cause problems.

There are a variety of colour options as well and since they’re human hair they can dyed too.

So, it’s all about your choice and the vibe you are feeling at that time. Blonde goddess locs just like Meagan Good’s look gorgeous on darker skin tones as they create a beautiful contrast and enhance their facial features. And of course, there are various ways to style them as well. You can let them loose, curl them, pull them up in a bun or a ponytail and what not. They can last up to a good four months especially if you touch them up every six to eight weeks. And since it’s all human hair so you can shampoo your hair and use all-natural hair oils as well.