Frequently Asked Questions

Crochet Faux Locs is a type of protective hairstyle that is done by wrapping synthetic hair around your twisted or braided natural hair. Crochet faux locs, if be put in simple words – commitment free dreads. They are right now one of the hottest trends in fashion and is aced by many celebrities like Rihanna, Meagan Good, Tyra Banks and more. If you have always admired dreads but have been always held back by some serious commitment issues then these are your one stop solution. Faux locs, as they age, look more better and natural. Yes, obviously nothing is impossible but we should warn you in advance doing crochet is a very time consuming and tiring process. It requires a lot of dedication. You can do it at home to save those bucks but we recommend to go to a professional for getting them done. Because if not done properly they can cause headaches and neck sprains. No, crochet locs doesn’t damage your natural hair. In fact, it is a protective synthetic hairstyle that covers and protects your natural hair- twisted or braided. It is a very good alternative for those who want the look of dread locs but are actually not very comfortable in teasing and back combing their own natural hair to the point of no return.If you do proper maintenance and take proper care of your locs, faux locs can last up to a good three months. You may need to touch up the roots as your hair there can grow out. Make sure you don’t leave these locs in for too long otherwise your natural hair may start to get lock.Faux locs are currently the hottest trends right now and they have a whole set of rules when it comes to taking care for them. In fact, they are pretty simple as well. What you wash your locs with mainly depends on the what type of hair and installation method you have used. You can either use a cloth dipped in a bowl of water and shampoo to eliminate the build-up on your scalp or you can use your fingers to remove the build-up as well. After cleansing it very important to lock the moisture in. As heavy oils and moisturisers can create a ton of build-up it is best to use a liquid or spray on moisturiser to seal that moisture in. You can also use a light oil like tea tree oil or grapeseed oil or jojoba oil.It totally depends on a number of factors like if you install crochet locs over Marley hair then you’ll require more hair as comparative to when you install them on your natural braided or twisted hair. It can also depend upon the length of your natural hair. Generally, you may need between 8 to 12 packs of hair.Crochet locs can hurt if they are installed too tightly. It is very important to braid your hair properly and not too tight, if you’re doing it at home, before getting crochet locs. It is recommended to get them done by a professional or stylist for problem free locs. Faux locs are a temporary protective hairstyle similar to box braids which done by wrapping synthetic hair around your natural twisted or braided hair while dread locs are rope like clumps of hair formed by your getting matted together. They can be achieved naturally by completely neglecting your hair (no washing, combing, brushing or trimming) but by this method they may take years to mature. However, they can be also done by going to a professional who can give you the look you desire. Faux locs are no more damaging than any other hairstyle which adds hair to your natural hair and create too much tension on your scalp. You just cannot neglect your own hair and think that since they are protected in faux locs no further maintenance is necessary. Your natural hair still needs to be cleansed, moisturised and conditioned as well.You can stylise your crochet locs in various ways. You can stylise them to into chunky individual goddess locs, platinum faux locs. You can also tie individual faux locs into a high bun or fashion wavy faux locs into a bun. You can also curl them, use multitoned hair, or fashion a crochet bob. You can use blonde goddess locs, fashion some Rapunzel like long goddess locs and curl them in the end as well. You can fashion them into a ponytail and what not. There are so many ways in which you can stylise your crochet locs and stand out from the crowd.Yes, you can and you SHOULD. Just because you got faux locs doesn’t mean you stop taking care of your natural hair. Taking care of your natural hair is very crucial in order to maintain your faux locs as well. You should clean all the build-up of your scalp regularly as well as moisturise them as well. Crochet locs can feel heavy on your head and can cause headaches and neck pains if they are not installed properly. It is crucial that you seek a professional to get them done on your natural hair. However, you can also do it at your home but it is very time-consuming process.

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