Blonde Crochet Locs are a well-loved hairstyle that holds a lot of history and meaning.

But growing them is a very lengthy process that takes a lot of time and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to be honest. Luckily there are several ways in which you can wear your locs and they are going to look 100% natural as well. It’s all about the right technique. Apart from these natural coloured crochet locs like black and brown, coloured crochet locs are also a style that everyone is opting for right now.

One of the evergreen colours is blonde that is rocked by a lot of women.

Don’t think that while choosing blonde faux locs you have to dye your natural hair a lighter shade too. Blonde locs create an eye-catching contrast against black roots. If you want that gritty texture in your locs like natural hair, then you can use human hair extensions to wrap your faux locs. There are a variety of ways in which blonde locs can be styled. You can just leave them open, braid them, fashion a high bun or add some accessories and adornments for a more glam look.