The word "Malliá" means "hair" in Greek.
The word "Malliá" means "hair" in Greek.

Christopher Visser

A dreadlock history buff with a love for ganja, reggae music, and a strong affinity for the island life. These passions led Chris to start his own Loc journey, which in turn, deepened his love for his own hair. When education was not readily available to guide him in a clear and transparent manner, this sparked the birth of Chris has made a name for himself in the Cannabis industry, specifically for his unwavering devotion to offering transparent industry education and for always "putting people before profits". Chris's brands and online work have appeared in,,, and many others.

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Backcombing 101: Are You Doing It Right?

The backcombing hairstyling technique was used to create the bouffant style worn by Patsy Cline, the Beehive style worn by Robert Smith, and the worldwide famous hairstyle (dreadlocks) made popular by Bob Marley… WHAT IS BACKCOMBING? Backcombing is also known as teasing or ratting hair to achieve a matted type hairstyle, more- specifically, for creating …

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