Auburn Box Braids 18″ (Single)

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  • Super soft and lightweight locs feel very comfortable!
  • Professionally hand-wrapped box braids by a trained stylist!
  • Water-resistant synthetic fibers are shower safe!
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This package contains a single(1) pack of our lovely crochet loc strands. That is Twenty (20) beautiful hand-wrapped locs made with premium quality synthetic hair fibers.


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  • Shipping takes 1-3 Business days throughout the United States. (COVID-19 May Delay Packages*)
  • $5 Fast shipping anywhere in the United States! International shipping is available as well (Please Email our sales team for international shipping at [email protected].


  • All locs are skin safe with no chemicals applied.
  • Effortless to install and simple to master with our easy to hide pre looped hair ends!
  • Flame retardant fibers that won’t catch on fire!
  • Natural reflectiveness and sheen for the most jaw-dropping look!


  • High-quality loc strands that need little to no maintenance for a full TWO MONTH hairstyle! (Check out our Loc Maintenace Page)
  • Water-resistant strands plus professional locking techniques make it safe to shower and blow-dry (Low Heat Only).
  • Wrap locs in a bonnet to reduce damage while sleeping.


  • Look great by simply twisting locs in a high bun or low ponytail!
  • Locs look more natural as they become distressed.
  • For the most realistic appearance, go with a loc color similar to your natural hair color! Learn more about Loc Colors

Available loc color options for selection all in one graph including black, blonde, honey blonde, burgundy, dark brown, medium auburn, and honey blonde mix.

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 18 × 3 × 2 in
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    Violet Lopez

    First, I’m new to crocheting my hair so I needed a style with no room for chances. And I just loved this gypsy-styled boho look. You don’t have to be an excellent crochet-er to look great in this hair. The hair is lightweight and soft. If you’ve been sensitive to synthetic hair in the past you might be sensitive to this hair. I do have a little sensitivity in the crown of my head, but I moisturize where my parts are and use braid spray daily. When I buy this hair again, I will soak it in ACV and conditioner to make it less itchy for me. I can tell the hair will likely tangle the longer I keep it in. But using mousse and tying up at night helps. I used all 6 packs. Four would’ve been just fine. The more hair you add over 3 or 4 packs, it starts to get bulky and look like a mane. Also, try to make your braiding pattern as flat as possible near the nape of your neck because if it’s bulky, as mine is, with thick hair like this and using lots of it (more than 3 or 4 bags) it just makes your hair look like it has a bump in the back. And for the new crochet-ers/self install try to have 10 braids at the front of your head. I had 8 and my parts looked too far apart. All in all, it took 3 hours to install, by myself. But despite all my mistakes, it’s beautiful. I plan to keep it in only for two weeks because I put too much in and my braiding pattern wasn’t the best.

    June 21, 2021
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